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20 Signs You Go to Bryant University


If you go to Bryant University, these should all ring a bell…

1.      You can’t maintain Wi-Fi coverage for more than an hour


2.      Your room is covered in empty Ronzio’s boxes


3.      You have more dining dollars than actual money in your bank account


4.      You spend an hour in the bathroom after Salmo


5.      You take selfies with your President


6.      You need tons of quarters to do one load of laundry


7.      Group projects are a normal part of every class


8.      You know that 1AM is when you’d expect DPS to roll around


9.      You expect certain townhouses to have a party every weekend cause, duh, it’s the weekend (people don’t actually live there, right?!)


10.   Registration (particularly for the spring) is a blood bath


11.   You find yourself looking at people’s chests if they’re wearing their Bryant athletics gear


12.   You’ve taken pics inside the Bryant globe


13.   Alert emails are either ignored or sent directly to spam


14.   You can’t open your Bryant mailbox and you’ve given up on it


15.   You’ve purchased a raincoat specifically for the RI weather


16.   You’ve pretty much ice-skated from your dorm to class after every snowstorm


17.   J’s and Such-a-Bagel orders are memorized


18.   You’ve had a battle royale with the geese on campus


19.   You know how to best diverge the pathway when you see a skunk or a raccoon


20.   You can’t wait for Spring to roll around, even though it starts to get warm around mid-April


Megi is the Snapshot Chair for HerCampus Bryant!•Position: Fashion and Style/ Snapshot Editor•Class:  Senior 2015•Hometown: Waterbury, CT •Major/Minor: Biology/Business Administration •Fun Fact: Can speak Albanian!
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