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14 Must Watch Netflix Shows for College Students

Get ready to binge watch these Netflix shows. Whether you’re a girl or guy, you’ll find a series you love on this list. If you’ve already seen it, this will make you want to re-watch and fall in love all over again.


1. Friday Night Lights

You don’t have to love football to fall in love with the Dillon Panthers. You will develop a crush on Tim Riggins, and a girl crush on Tami Taylor. You will question why you don’t live down south and why your high school was not like theirs. Tears will be shed listening to Coach Taylor’s wisdom before each game and you will fall in love with the way Matt Saracen cares for his grandmother. Never forget: clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Texas Forever.

2. Gossip Girl

Spotted: Blair Waldorf and Serena Vanderwoodsen talking the latest gossip. Get ready to be so invested in the drama and web of lies that you feel like it is your own. Their fashion sense is one to drool over. They are a bunch of rich kids from New York with tons of drama. This show will having you wishing you were part of Chuck and Blair’s relationship before the first episode is even over. Stay tuned for endless drama. Xoxo Gossip Girl.

3. Greys Anatomy

This series will leave you with false hope that you too can be a kick ass surgeon. Each episode is so traumatic that you will be ripping your hair out. It will send you on an emotional roller coaster. There will be tears when patients die, when catastrophic events occur, and most of all, when McDreamy and Meredith are not together. At the beginning of the series you will be cringing at the blood and by the end you will be demanding the scalpel and yelling at Meredith to stop the bleeders.

4. Friends

It’s a classic, and we’ve all seen random episodes on ABC Family. Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Ross, and Rachel are the most amazing group of friends on television. Not only will you be laughing at Phoebe and Joey 24/7, you will feel warm and fuzzy inside seeing everyone’s relationships get stronger and stronger. Each situation the cast goes through is unique and relatable to an average person’s life. There will always be something to relate to, and you will have the theme song memorized by the third episode.

5. Breaking Bad

Let’s put it this way; this show makes you feel like you could make crystal meth. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are probably the most innocent people to start a crystal meth business. The story behind this business is not only touching but a tad confusing and mystifying. The way some of these shots have been filmed will blow your mind, rules are broken to create incredible cinematography. This show will leave you questioning rights from wrongs and what the differences are between morality and immorality.

6. Lost

This show will confuse the sh*t out of you. There is no sense of safety and no saying when they will get off the island. The show may be extremely serious at times, but leave it to Hurley to provide lots of comic relief. The love Charlie has for Aaron will leave your heart melting. In the beginning everything will be a blur, but as the story unfolds the puzzle pieces will begin to come together. Your curiosity of the others will always be in the back of your head. Get ready to be Lost.

7. American Horror Story

There are multiple different seasons, and none of them relate to one another. No one can resist the hot duo of Lady Gaga and Matt Bomber, their desires for sexuality and violence are tantalizing. The opening credits will leave you feeling disconcerting and captivating. The amount of creativity put into this show will leave you in awe. Each episode will leave you questioning how a cast could possible pull off these disturbing yet intriguing scenes.

8. How I Met Your Mother

Whose mother are we even meeting? So basically the entire series is the main character Ted telling his kid how he met his wife (a.k.a. their mother). The story-telling can often times be all over the place, one story connects with another story three seasons later. The recurring jokes will make you laugh over and over again, because you learn all about the memories the cast reminisces on. Ted and Marshall share a “bromance” like no other. These well-developed characters truly love each other and create a classic “friends to family” feeling throughout the series.

9. The Office

Let’s be real, even if you haven’t seen The Office you have heard of it. You will laugh for all nine seasons, nonstop. Michael Scott is a completely idiot who does the dumbest things imaginable. Sometimes you will question why you love him so much, but at the end of the day you’ll always be team Scott. Also, Jim and Pam is one love story guaranteed to make you smile. And don't forget about Dwight! The amount of pranks played on this poor man will ALMOST make you feel bad for him, but you will be so busy laughing that it just won’t matter. The script for this show is perfection.

10. Blue Mountain State

This show will make you feel like an ultimate bro. It is every boy’s dream of what college should be like. Thad Castle is hands down one of the strangest characters one will ever discover. Thad is team captain and often comes across as a jackass with a short temper. From football, to dating, to sex, alcohol and drugs, the shenanigans these kids get themselves into are unbelievably hilarious. It’s a hard-partying, football fulfilled sh*t show at times, and this is where drunk nights turn people into true friends that the audience oddly enough loves. Never forget, “there’s a party at the goat house!”

11. Gilmore Girls

Rory and Lorelai are mother-daughter goals and Stars Hollow is small town goals. Luke’s diner is the center of every important conversation there is. Between Dean, Jesse, and Logan, the audience is never sure where Rory’s heart is at. Each episode will leave you feeling happier than when you started it. Not only is each episode full of life lessons that everyone can relate to, but every witty comment the dynamic mother daughter duo makes will leave you laughing. If you need an extremely relatable, real-life show that you could watch with absolutely anyone at any age, this is the show for you.

12. One Tree Hill

Lucas and Nathan Scott are the hottest set of brothers TV may have ever seen, but Dan Scott may just be the biggest TV villain known to man. The love triangles and secret hatreds will leave you speechless. Brooke Davis is an iconic character, you will love her, hate her, and worship her constantly. The friendship that this cast shares develops into a family that you will crave to be a part of. This show will leave you shell shocked and in tears when you least expect it, and you will learn valuable life lessons through each set of conversations you hear. The theme song is so catchy, yet it will never get old.

13. Orange is the New Black

Talk about the most diverse cast you’ve ever seen. Between Piper, Crazy Eyes, Taystee, Red and all of the others, there is never a dull moment, and rarely an appropriate one. The amount of rivalries there are will leave you questioning if anyone actually likes each other. Porn Stash is THE love to hate character of this series. You’ll die laughing when you figure out what chocolate vanilla swirl means. All in all it a series full of crazy lesbian relationships, drug deals, and prison memories. Remember: all great stories are told in prison, so don’t miss out.

14. Trailer Park Boys

This is one of those shows that you question, why is it so popular? All boys just find it hilarious. For starters, Ricky and Julian: Dynamic duo. These guys get in so much trouble and have tons of fun doing so. Basically everyone has a side kick, and everyone is an alcoholic that has been in jail at some point or another. We can’t forget about the Sunnyvale Gang, now can we? J-Roc is just, well you “know wha I’m sayin ma-fuckas.” Rickyisms may just be the funniest thing on the show. He tends to pronounce things wrong and doesn’t ever notice. Never forget: “Make like a tree and f*ck off.”

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