13 Things Every Liberal Arts Major at Bryant is Tired of Hearing

Being a liberal arts major at a school like Bryant, which primarily caters to business students, can have its ups and downs. There are a lot of questions thrown our way and sometimes it just gets old. Although our majors may be much smaller than the business school majors, they are still great programs. Maybe think twice before asking a liberal arts major one of these questions next time!

1. “Wait, but isn’t Bryant a business school?"

This is one of the questions we get the most (from people that don’t go here) and nope, Bryant isn’t technically a business school. Hence why there’s also a liberal arts school with a wide array of majors in it.

2. When someone asks what your major is and getting the response, “Oh….”

This can be pretty awkward. We didn’t ask for your judgment.


3. “I didn’t even know they had liberal arts majors!”

Yes, they do. If you can take the classes for gen-eds you can also take them for your major.

4. “Why did you come here to not major in business?”

See question 1; it’s not a business school and Bryant has so many other amazing things to offer.

5. “Were you ever a business major?”

Maybe, maybe not, but that doesn’t matter. We’ve found our passion in a liberal arts major and this is what we want to do.

6. ​“But Bryant has such a good business school.”

Yes, they do! They also have a lot of really good programs for liberal arts.

7. “So are your classes just really easy?”

They could be – it really depends on what you are taking, but they can also kick your butt just like a business class can.

8. “Do you think it will be harder to get a job?”

In the end, probably not. Liberal arts majors can cater to a lot of different fields and a lot of people don’t even end up doing a job in their major, so we’re sure we’ll be fine.

9. “What are you going to do later in life?”

We’re going to get a job like the rest of you.

10.“How are you going to make a living off that?”

So we might not make as much as an accountant in a big four firm but that doesn’t mean we can’t live a fulfilling life. Money doesn’t equal happiness!

11. “But… you’re going to make no money.”

Or maybe we will be better at our jobs and make more than you in the end? Either way we’ll make enough!

12. “Do you have a backup plan?”

If business majors don’t have one or get asked the question, then why should we? We are going to pursue what we are passionate about.

13. “What can you even do with that major?”

This depends on which major is being asked about but there are so many options out there.