13 April Fools' Pranks for the “Lucky” Day

1. Put an air horn under your friend’s chair

This prank is easy and will get the job done for your friend. All you need is an air horn, something to wrap around to hold the air horn in place, and their favorite chair. Once they sit down, they’ll immediately want payback

2.  Replace the cream in an Oreo with toothpaste to make a limited edition Oreo

3. Decorate your friend’s room with Sticky Notes all over everything that’s visible

4.  Place solo cups or any type of cups around every walkable place in someone's room and fill each with water to remind them to stay hydrated

5. Make a fake “You have failed a room inspection” slip and put it on your roommate’s desk

6. Replace your friend’s conditioner with paint (make sure to match the color to whatever shampoo they have if it’s a clear bottle)

7. Swap every framed picture your roommate has in the room with an embarrassing picture of yourself, them, or any person you choose

8. Wrap each item in their room with wrapping paper to show them how much of a present it is to have them in your life

9. Replace their toothpaste with frosting for some pearly (and tasty!) whites

10. Hide their alarm clock in the morning for a fun hide and seek game

11. Put Icy Hot on the bathroom seat (don’t forget you put it there though!)

12. Fill a box of their favorite candy with something not as desirable (Ex: fill a Krispy Kreme donut box with vegetables)

13. Put flour into your friend's blow dryer for a nice makeover