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12 Upcoming Movie Releases to Get Excited About

1. Arrival

Arrival was released on November 11th, but there is still time to get out and see it. It’s a combination of sci-fi, drama, and mystery about a woman who is hired by the U.S. military to communicate with aliens.

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The most recent of J.K. Rowling’s masterpieces hit theaters on November 18th. Starring Eddie Redmayne (heart eyes), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the story of a guy traveling through the secret wizard community of New York City. It takes place before Harry Potter existed, and looks awesome.

3. Moana

In theaters on November 23rd, Moana is the story of a young girl trying to reach a fabled island with the help of half-god, Maui. It’s a Disney movie, so you know it’s going to kick a**.

4. Manchester By The Sea

This one is more of a serious, dramatic movie. It stars Casey Affleck as an uncle forced to take care of his nephew after his brother, the father of his nephew, dies. He then struggles with being the guardian of a teenage boy in Massachusetts which seems super heartfelt and emotional (plus, there’s Boston accents).

5. Office Christmas Party

This movie comes out on December 9 and looks hysterical. It has a ton of funny people in it, like Kate McKinnon, who you may know better as Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live. It’s about a manager who throws an insane Christmas party in order to land a big client. The party gets way out of hand and hilarity ensues.

6. A Kind of Murder

Set in the 60’s, A Kind of Murder is a drama/thriller that comes out on December 16th. It tells the story of a man with a perfect life. However, it becomes less than perfect when he becomes obsessed and involved with an unsolved murder, the killer, and a detective.

7. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This movie is guaranteed to be as popular and intense as any other Star Wars movie. This one’s about The Rebellion stealing the plans to the Death Star and the consequences that follow. It’s set to be released on December 16th but there will probably be a big line, so get there early!

8. La La Land

La La Land comes out December 16th as well and honestly looks pretty weird. It has our favorites, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, in it though. Taking place in L.A., Ryan Gosling plays a jazz pianist while Emma Stone plays an actress who fall in love and play music which makes us want them to be a couple in real life. 

9. Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are possibly the hottest on-screen combo of this year. Why did they wake up 90 years before everyone else on a journey to another planet? We’ll have to see the movie on December 21st to find out.

10. Gold

One of our favorites, Matthew McConaughey, stars in this movie that comes out on Christmas day. It’s about the main character finding a huge gold mine in the Indonesian jungle. He becomes ridiculously rich, everyone wants a piece of his mining business, and then a bunch of bad stuff happens that you’ll want to see.

11. Why Him?

James Franco looks as funny as he is attractive in Why Him? which comes out on December 23rd. Franco plays a super rich dude who is engaged to a girl with conservative parents. He tries to prove himself to her father, who hates him.

12. Patriots Day

If you’re from New England, or were affected in any way by the Boston Marathon bombings, you’re excited for the January 13th release of Patriots Day. Mark Wahlberg plays a Boston police officer in this retelling of the events before, during, and after the marathon bombings in 2013. It’s sure to be a hit as well as extremely emotional. Plus, more Boston accents!

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