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11 Eco-friendly, Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Looking for some cute gifts to give your friends and fam for Hanukkah or Christmas? Her Campus has come up with a list of some awesome eco-friendly sustainable gifts that you can feel good about purchasing!

Eco-friendly phone case

Made from flax shive and a plant based biopolymer, these pela phone cases are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% compostable! They even have some cases with engravings of cute penguins, turtles, or the phrase, “Save the Waves”!

Bamboo toothbrushes with holder

As a kid, this would be your worst nightmare: toothbrushes for Christmas. Now that we’re adulting, getting some cool eco-friendly charcoal bristle, bamboo toothbrushes will be the highlight of your day. This package is cool because it comes with a bonus bamboo toothbrush travel container! 

Biodegradable coffee cup

Help your friends and fam ditch those single-use plastic coffee cups this year with this super cute and practical biodegradable travel coffee cup. Made from rice husk, these cups will biodegrade after a year!

Handmade soap

Support some small local businesses this holiday season and purchase some homemade, vegan soap! Try to look for ones with minimal packaging, like these handmade rosemary and lavender soaps!

Reusable shopping bags

It’s almost 2019 – everyone should be using reusable shopping bags! These are perfect for grocery shopping, clothes shopping, pretty much anything! A lot of stores will sell these at checkout lines, or you can purchase some really cute ones online too, like this super cute elephant bag.

Reusable recyclable water bottle

Earthlust water bottles are ethically produced and are hand made from recyclable stainless steel. Feel good about giving your friends and fam an all-around sustainable gift!

Wax food wraps 

The PERFECT eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap! Use these cute wraps to cover bowls of food, wrap leftover fruit, or even sandwiches! 

Vegan organic tinted lip balm

Cruelty free, vegan, and organic – how much better could this lip balm get? Made with all-natural plant-based ingredients and a 100% recyclable paper tube, this tinted lip balm is perfect for the ladies in your family.

Metal straws

For your caffeine-addicted friends and family – these are the perfect Christmas gift. Buy a package of multiple straws and give one to each of your friends! This pack comes with a cute carrying case and a straw cleaner.

Soy wax candle​

Did you know that most conventional candles are toxic? Instead of filling your home with toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, buy a soy wax candle instead! Soy wax candles burn clean with no harmful fumes and you can easily find some that are organic, phthalate free, and eco-friendly, like this one made with essential oils.

4Ocean bracelet

These super cute bracelets are made with 90% recycled post-consumer content. For every 4Ocean bracelet purchased, one pound of trash will be removed from the ocean and shorelines. Buy your friends and fam a bracelet this holiday season and feel good about helping fund the ocean cleanup movement!

Find me either eating some vegan buffalo mac & cheese or crocheting up a storm. Or maybe both at the same time.