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10 Ways to Politely Sexile Your Roommate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.



So… remember that Thursday night after Effins when you came bursting into your room cerca 1 AM with that boy you couldn’t keep your hands off of all night? Or that Tuesday afternoon that your boyfriend came to surprise you and you could not wait any longer to get it on… while your roommate was studying for her night class exam? OR that Saturday night you came tumbling into your room with a guy, trying to keep quiet while you did the deed, and THOUGHT your roommate was sleeping? Yea, we are talking about those times where you sexiled your roommate in the most unpolite ways possible. Well, good news, we want you to enjoy sex worry free, without making your roommates mad. Below you will find 10 sexile suggestions from Bryant students.


1.  Give a warning: This is a given! Try not to just burst into your room mid make-out demanding the room. Instead, give your roommate the heads up the second you know it might happen. Whether it’s at the start of the night when you know you and your man are going to need some alone time, or on your walk back from a party, LET THEM KNOW!


2.  Ask: This can go a LONG way! While it is your room, he/she has a right to it as well. They never HAVE to leave. Even if you and your roomie are BFFs, it is always nice to let them know you care. Asking not only shows them you care but proves that you don’t feel entitled, which can help you to avoid fights in the future.


3.  Schedule/plan it while they are gone: Most likely you and roommate have SOMEWHAT different schedules. Take advantage of it. If you know she has night class on Wednesday and you and your BF are ready to get it on midday while she is doing work for class, hold off until night class. Or, if he is sleeping over and you are going to want to get it done before bed, and she is in the library studying for a while… do it while she’s gone. By doing this you don’t even have to ask, they won’t be there anyways!


4.  Don’t make it a habit: No one wants to be constantly kicked out of their room. Nor does anyone want to feel like they are living in a whore house. Whether it is with a different guy every night or your boyfriend, don’t make it a habit. Everyone enjoys sex, BELIEVE ME, but there are plenty of ways to not sexile your roommate (like the others mentioned here). If you are having sex often enough for this to be a problem, working out a deal/solution with him/her so that you aren’t popping up once a day saying “hey, I need to bone.”


5.  Return the favor: So you like to “get it on”… great! But I am sure your roommate does as well. So return the favor. If the boyfriend is over a day or two after your roomie has given you some alone time, offer to leave. The more you give her these “favors” the more likely she will do the same for you.


6.  Don’t take all night: We get it. Sometimes having sex can take a while. But, when it comes to sexiling your roommate, it is best to take time into consideration. We are not saying rush your guy out the second you are done, but don’t lie in bed for an hour afterward. Take 5-10 minutes to get yourself together and then make sure you let her know, whenever she needs to come back in its all good.


7.  Say THANKS: As always, being appreciative goes a long way. No matter if this happens once a day, once a week, a month, or once a year. Say “THANK YOU.” Doing so will make it easier for roommate to be understanding the next time you need the room. If you don’t, she will regret being understanding.


8.  Buy them brunch/lunch the next day: This is the solution straight out of a Bryant male’s mouth. “For those 3 AM, super rude and unexpected instances,” he said. Go out of your way to grab your roomie something to eat in the morning. Really show them that you appreciate them not only being an awesome roommate but also, a great friend.


9.  Use a code word: Freshman year my roommates and I had a code word for “sexy time.” It was a great way to let your roommate(s) know discreetly that you need some alone time. It is also a great way to come to an agreement with your roommate that when you hear the word you know that it means leave the room for a bit. In addition, it keeps the guy from feeling awkward when you have to announce that you need the room. Another alternative to this, is the good old sock on the door or door hanger. In need of a personal door hanger? Her Campus Bryant has them! CONTACT: hercampus@bryant.edu to get one! 


10.  Set a schedule: If you and your roommate are really having problems, maybe you both have on campus boyfriends, or neither of you want to ever leave the room, or it’s a totally one sided situation, maybe consider making a schedule. I know, this sounds stupid and annoying… but it’s your sex life on the line here. YOU GOTTA FIGURE SOMETHING OUT! By doing so, you can set guidelines to what times work for your roommate and vice versa. And, rather than having to tip toe around them you know exactly when it is okay to bring your guy back.


So, there you have it. 10 ways to solve all your sexile problems (we hope). Now get out there and enjoy! 

*Her Campus Bryant encourages everyone to practice safe sex. Health Services and the Women’s Center are always available to help students with any sex related issues.

Hillary Coombs is a junior at Bryant University studying International Business and Marketing minoring in Chinese and Spanish. She works during the summers at Westminster Tool blogging and updating all social media accounts as well as interning in the International Affairs office. During the fall of 2012, Hillary studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain where she held a marketing internship and perfected her Spanish language. At Bryant, she works in the Office of Planning and Institutional Research gathering crucial university data and presenting it through documents to the President, Deans, and other faculty members of Bryant University. Aside from working and studying Hillary is a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and Omicorn Delta Kappa. Hillary finds peace of mind staying active and running in local 5K races.