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10 Reasons Derby Days is a MUST

What are you doing post spring break at Bryant? … We’ll tell you what, Derby Days!

Derby Days is an amazing philanthropic, team event, hosted at Bryant University to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The events are from April 9th to April 16th, but Sigma Chi is hosting some fundraising events leading up to the events that you will not want to miss. Sign up and make a team here!

1.       Ever hear of the Huntsman Cancer Institute? We’re changing lives!

Each year Bryant University partners with the Huntsman Cancer Institute to raise money for cancer research. What makes this not a typical cancer fundraiser is that 100% of the money raised goes directly to cancer research… not hospital expenses, not facilities, and most certainly not executive salaries.

2.       Women fighting women (and we’re not talking about Ronda Rousey).

It’s one of Bryant’s largest and most enjoyable philanthropic events where females come together in teams of 5-7 to compete against one another in rigorous physical and mental competition.

3.       May the odds ever be in your favor

This year’s theme for the competition is Hunger Games, which goes to show the intensity of the week’s events. Your teams will be taking part in a Cornucopia race, you’ll most certainly be shooting a bow, and if you can draft Katniss Everdeen to your team, that’s a definite win.

4.       Ever wanted two guys all to yourself?

          (Yeah, probably not)

Well, if you sign-up to create a team, you’ll have 2 male, volunteer co-captains all to yourself. These male guides will assist with strategy, gathering financial support throughout the games, and add some muscle to events like arm wrestling competitions.

5.       Free swag… lots and lots of free swag.

Teams start off with Hunger games themed tees, have numerous chances to win Huntsman Cancer Institute tees, and almost all of our supporting events leading up to the games are full of give-a-ways from water bottles, to stickers, pins, and more. For many, this is reason enough to sign up!

6.       Professional sports galore — Derby Days is a homerun!

With events hosted with the Celtics, the Boston Red Sox, Providence Bruins, and Revolution, how could you not sign-up for a philanthropy that’s taking you to four great games!

7.       There will be networking.

Every team is given a professional coach to guide you through this Hunger Games journey. Besides providing you with loads of information, these coaches will become long lasting friends and future contacts for internships, jobs, etc.

8.       Leave your mark on Bryant… physically.

If you win the Bryant Derby Days competition, your team’s name goes down in history. Have you ever seen the Derby Days Trophy? Well if you haven’t, its pretty big. Each year we have an award ceremony for the winning team followed with a trophy engraving to make sure your team’s name sticks with Bryant forevermore.

9.       Free Concert!!

The last day of Derby Days is a concert hosted in Providence to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of this fundraiser. Transportation is provided and, yes, there is a bar at the venue. There will be four DJs and a cover band, so expect to jam out.

10.   We ARE the #GenerationToEndCancer.

On a more serious note, cancer is the largest killer in our country and it is something that we can avoid. As technology improves, as we become more intelligent in college, and as we continue to remain passionate about ending cancer, we DO have a chance to become the #GenerationToEndCancer. Last year, we set an event record raising over $10,000, but this year our goal is $20,000. If we meet this goal, Bryant University will be one of Huntsman Cancer Institute’s top 20 university donors in the world! Each dollar donated is another step towards finding the cure for cancer.

WE NEED YOU! We cannot meet our $20,000 fundraising goal, have fun during the games, and most importantly, become the Generation to End Cancer without your help!

Sign up here!

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