Your Quarantine Personality Based on your Zodiac Sign

The unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 quarantine have revealed new sides to all of us. Everyone has that family member who has proven to be a puzzle aficionado, and everyone has a friend who texts in your group chat every five minutes out of pure boredom. Each person’s quarantine personality is interesting, unique, and sometimes very unexpected. Wondering what yours is? Let’s take a look!

Aquarius: The Free Spirited Tie-Dyer

Aquariuses are channeling their imagination and depth into artistic endeavors like tie-dying. Don’t be surprised if their Amazon bill also consists of beads for jewelry making and cookie decorations. They are probably that family member who proudly sports their homemade mask and shushes the whole household so that they can meditate in peace.

Pisces: The Wholesome Breadmaker

You will definitely find Pisces occupied in the kitchen for most of the day. By now, they have mastered at least three different types of bread, and you have probably heard them stressing about the tribulations of their yeast feeding process. Their gentle and empathetic personalities make them inclined to check in on all their family members, making sure they are “holding up during this crazy time.”

Aries: The Enthusiastic Puzzle-Goer

Aries are quick and determined, and they are spending most of their time with their backs bent over the family puzzle. Be careful, though. Aries are competitive, which means they’ll probably be that annoying person to stow away the last puzzle piece so that they can be the one to complete it. They can also be pretty impulsive, so don’t be surprised if they emerge from quarantine with bleached hair.

Taurus: The Friend Group Therapist

If you need someone to vent to about how your sister is eating more than her ration’s worth of junk food, Tauruses are your people. Devoted and dependable, they are always there for you to FaceTime about your quarantine sorrows. They’re also definitely that irritating person who has committed to the 75hard challenge, and has been super successful at it so far. That takes the kind of strength and patience that only a Taurus possesses.

Gemini: The Foster Parent

The affectionate and versatile character of a Gemini makes them the perfect animal foster parent. At times indecisive, they definitely spent weeks deliberating over whether to adopt Sugarplum the bunny or Fluffernut the puppy. Their curious nature has them constantly reading the news for coronavirus info (with their new furry friend in their lap, of course) and announcing the latest Cuomo update to the household.

Cancer: The Photo Album Browser

Cancers are sentimental and emotional. They spend their afternoons on the living room floor with old photos sprawled out everywhere. They’re probably sending their “1 year ago, today” Snapchat memories into your group chat every day, reminding you all of the warm spring darties you’re missing out on in quarantine. At family dinners, they are definitely melodramatically reflecting on how grateful they are to be spending quality time with their family right now. Oh, and they’ve definitely texted all of their exes by now.

Leo: The Passionate Vlogger

The outgoing yet self-centered essence of a Leo makes them the perfect vlogger. They are passionate, too, which means they have fiercely devoted themselves to a new hobby other than vlogging as well during quarantine--and they make sure their audience knows it. Also, their inflexible personality makes them extremely uncooperative when it comes to sharing the family Hulu account. 

Virgo: The Diligent Hand-Washer

Virgos are absolute neat freaks. The pandemic has them washing their hands every five minutes and disinfecting packages multiple times over. And their analytical propensity makes them view every passerby as a potential threat to their germofobia. They are also hardworking, which, in conjunction with their cleanliness, means that they have done a massive spring cleaning of their closet and reorganized their sweaters at least twice.

Libra: The Zoom Leader

We all know that one person on Zoom who seems to be the only one actually enjoying online classes. Libras are highly social, meaning they’ve been jumping at every possible opportunity to speak with friends and classmates. They are definitely texting in your group chat every five minutes to make up for the lack of social interactions right now. Heads up: Libras are known for holding grudges, so as annoying as it may be, you might want to consider responding to those rapidfire messages.

Scorpio: The Snack Stealer

If your snack supply seems to be rapidly dwindling, the Scorpio in your house is to blame. And the people who mute their audio and block the camera on Zoom are definitely Scorpios: they are resourceful, but can also be secretive and distrusting. Their brave nature has them feeling invincible, like they are immune to the virus, which is why your family has elected them to be the designated grocery shopper for the family. 

Sagittarius: The Meme Distributor

Sagittarius folks are funny. They have been the jokester of the family these past few weeks, and are the designated quarantine meme sender of the friend group. Their optimism makes them inclined to try to lighten the mood whenever bad news breaks about the rising number of infections. And with their extroverted nature, they are certainly the ones who have used the extra time on their hands during quarantine to reconnect with old friends.

Capricorn: The Stock Market Commentator

Everyone has that one nerd in the family who has been fixated on the daily motions of the stock market. Capricorns are ambitious and responsible, which means that they have been keeping a close eye on the economy and trying to figure out the best way to manage their finances right now. Capricorns are also notoriously independent, so they’re probably not weathering the cabin fever in your household very well.