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Which Brown University Dorms Belong to Which Divergent Factions? A Fun Look Into Dorm Life At Brown

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

Unsurprisingly, we have reignited our love for dystopian novels and their film adaptations. During March, the entire Hunger Games series was available on Netflix. I will confidently admit that I rewatched ‘Catching Fire’ far too many times. The drama, the suspense, and – dare I say – the setbacks make me unable to turn away.

Suppose I were to transport myself back to 2013 at the peak of the Hunger Games’ popularity. In that case, one must inevitably think of the ‘Divergent’ trilogy. I remember the buzz on the streets is what faction we believed we belonged to. After reading the books back and forth, left and right, and taking far too many Buzzfeed quizzes, it is only right to bring the factions to Brown University.

wellness: abnegation

Abnegation prides itself on its selflessness, leaving the community greater than they found it. Wellness strives to create a community where you have the space to focus on you. Yoga, cooking, mediation – you name it. Everyone wants to live in Wellness (trust me, my rejected applications to this dorm speak for itself). If you’re part of the lucky bunch who make it in, you have found inner peace with ResLife.

grad: dauntless

I mean this when I say that if you live in Grad Center, regardless of the tower, you have to be dauntless. Living in Grad Center with little to no sunlight and its labyrinth-looking architecture requires another level of bravery. Extra points if you race down the spiral staircase at the speed of light!

barbour: erudite

Though I have not had the experience of living in Barbour, I was sequestered away during the dark COVID days. For the first few days, I needed a map to get around Barbour; It was all a jumble in my head. To this day, if I were to visit Erudite, I would still be lost. If you call Barbour your home, you are a worthy Erudite, leading the pack with your intelligence.

greg (a & b): dauntless

Greg has earned its title as Dauntless as well. When I watched Divergent, I walked out of the movie theater wanting to be an initiated Dauntless. Greg residents have the convenience of Jo’s and Thayer St. at their disposal. If you want to live in Greg, you better be prepared for a bloodbath the day of your housing lottery allotment. They are always the first ones to go but, if you are able to snatch a place, consider yourself a victor. 

perkins: factionless

There was no other option but to name Perkins as factionless. Through the grapevine, I have heard horror stories of Perkins. Its far location makes the walk to campus, even to the Ratty, a trek. But, if you have lived and survived a year in Perkins, you leave with a stronger sense of community – which I believe the factionless in the novels have inspired.

Regardless of what dorm you are placed in for the upcoming school year, it will not deter your Brown experience. You are able to make the space your own (and Her Campus at Brown has the perfect dorm decorating articles for you to read next) and confidently call it your own. We have to keep our eyes peeled if any of the dorms rise to a divergent status.

Samantha is a junior from New York City studying Neurobiology. Apart from her work in lab, she enjoys reading, petting the neighborhood dogs, and drinking matcha lattes.