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On March 9, 2019 Brown University’s Women Empowerment branch of the Entrepreneurship Program hosted the 3rd annual WE@Brown conference. The conference brought students and female leaders together for a day full of amazing speeches and workshops led by various industry professionals. The WE team aims to support entrepreneurship through sharing a variety female perspectives and providing mentorship opportunities. The conference empowers women to push their boundaries and inspires people to turn their big ideas into ventures. This year, the closing speaker at the conference was Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Her Campus Media. Stephanie inspired the audience with her authentic speech describing her experience founding a successful startup. Stephanie epitomizes the term "girl boss" and the Her Campus Brown team was so privileged to hear her speak today thanks to WE@Brown! To learn more about the event and the WE team, visit the Brown Entrepreneurship Program website linked here (http://brownentrepreneurship.com/we-at-brown). 

The three founders of Her Campus at Her Campus' first birthday, which was ten years ago!


Campus Correspondent for Brown University's Chapter
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