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The Ultimate PG Playlist Must-Haves

It’s that time of year when the typical pregame songs are getting way too repetitive. I’m not saying the following songs aren’t basic, but they get the job done. Here are some of our favorite crowd-pleasers:


1. Good Grief (Don Diablo Remix)

Image credit: https://genius.com/Bastille-good-grief-don-diablo-remix-lyrics

A great way to start off a night of drinking. The beat will motivate and compel you to down that shot.


2. Rhythm Of The Night (Fedde Le Grand)



Image credit: https://genius.com/Fedde-le-grand-rhythm-of-the-night-lyrics

A nice twist on a classic tune that will be sure to get everyone to dance.


3. Doses & Mimosas (Cherub)


Image credit: https://genius.com/Cherub-doses-and-mimosas-lyrics

A slower beat with a funky vibe to spruce up the playlist with a majority of classic hype songs.


4. Nice For What (Drake)


Image credit: https://genius.com/Drake-nice-for-what-lyrics

Who doesn’t love Drake?


5. Not Going Home (DVBBS)


Image credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_Going_Home

A little basic, yes, but a great song to rally people, nonetheless.


6. Fill Me In (Loud Luxury)


Image credit: https://www.amazon.com/Fill-Loud-Luxury-Ryan-Shepherd/dp/B01N5ODXKG

Just as good as Loud Luxury’s Body, but it’s even better because it’s something we haven’t heard 100 times.


7. Dancing in the Moonlight (Jubel)


Image credit: https://genius.com/Jubel-dancing-in-the-moonlight-lyrics

The perfect upbeat remix to one of the all-time greatest oldies.


8. Shotgun (George Ezra)


Image credit: http://dubiks.com/2018/07/05/george-ezra-shotgun-gerd-janson-remix-audio/

A feel-good song that will get everyone in the mood to go out and have fun.


9. Drew Barrymore (Bryce Vine)

Image credit: https://www.shazam.com/track/413735516/drew-barrymore

A constant, chill beat + some killer lyrics = party sing-along


10. I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)



Image credit: https://soundcloud.com/themagician/lykke-li-i-follow-rivers-the-magician-remix

Probably the catchiest song on the list. Everyone will be singing this tune for days to come and either resenting or loving you for that…