Things to do in PVD

As the last few weeks of the first semester are coming to a close, I’m sure you’re all stressing about about finals, packing, and everything in between. But don’t let yourself get sucked too deep into the library—be sure you take a study break! Finals can be stressful, but with this fun list of things to do in Providence, you’ll have the perfect activities to take your mind off of impending doom (a.k.a. finals).

I’ll start with the obvious: museums. Providence is home to a plethora of museums, and a lot of them are free with a student ID! The RISD museum is full of Van Gogh’s, Monet’s, other famous artists, and student exhibitions.Personally, the student exhibition is my favorite because it is interesting to see the artistic pursuits of our peer and the immense talent they display.

Now, if you don’t feel like going off campus, you can simply head to the Main Green and attend the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology. It closes at 4 pm, but it’s open almost every day. Go check it out—so few students are aware of a museum right on our very own campus.There is also the Museum of Nature History, Lippitt House Museum, and the Providence Art Club. There are many more museums than this, but this list should get you started!

If you’re feeling bored of College Hill, simply go downtown! You’ll have copious activities down there, including ice skating, if the season is right! You can shop, eat, and just enjoy the ~city life~ for a little bit. While you’re downtown, be sure you don’t miss WaterFire! One of PVD’s most famous events, you have to see it to truly understand it!​

If it’s a Friday night and you spent the week eating Cup of Noodles in the Rock, give yourself a night on the town, and head to Federal Hill. This Italian district is full of life—live music, restaurants, bars, you’ll be set for the night.  If you need a place to study and cannot bring yourself to sit in the library any longer, there are a variety of places you can go. For one, the Providence Athenaeum will put you in the perfect studying mood as you’re immersed, surrounded by more books than you can imagine. You can also head over to Wickenden and go to Coffee Exchange or Cafe Zog.Just grab some caffeine and pick a table! As the weather gets better, try studying outside. Perhaps go to India Point Park and pack a picnic with your friends! Or, go to Blackstone Park, or Prospect Terrace for a view of the city skyline as the sun sets.

If you’re feeling spooky, there are some activities for you. You can attend the Swan Point Cemetery and pay your respects. Or, attend the Providence Ghost Tour. If you do go to either of these, let me know how they go! How spooky was it?!

My last suggestion is actually I saw something the other day on my way back from the airport to Brown. Naturally, I had my Uber driver go to Chik-Fil-A on the way back. And, right by the fast food joint was the Seekonk Grand Prix, a family fun center with an arcade, bumper cars, and laser tag. My friends and I will definitely be trying it out ASAP.

Good luck to everyone as the semester closes, and please take a break and check out one of these suggestions. Relax and enjoy your time in PVD!