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It’s time to tackle the biggest sporting event of the year! The Super Bowl is officially upon us, kicking off this Sunday, February 11th, at 6:30 PM sharp. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or you’re just in it for the halftime show and iconic commercials, there is no missing this classic American holiday. But, don’t worry clueless viewers, our Super Bowl game day predictions will have you sounding like a pro. With these predictions, you’ll be dying to gear up and show your knowledge by throwing the ultimate Super Bowl Party in college.

Our predictions:

In this year’s matchup, the San Francisco 49ers face off against the reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. Led by star-quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs will fight for a back-to-back champion title after narrowly defeating the Eagles in 2023. However, despite being an underdog in the 2022 NFL draft, quarterback Brock Purdy has proven the 49ers a challenging opponent, leading the team through a 21-4 season.

Will the Chiefs come out on top for the second year in a row or will Purdy and his All-Pros team put an end to the Mahomes dynasty?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Although Patrick Mahomes has a shining career history, he matched a career high in turnovers (17) this season with the Chiefs landing their worst record (11-6) since he became their starting quarterback. It’s hard to tell how this will show in the Super Bowl, since the playoffs Mahomes has given up zero turnovers.
  • Mahomes is supported by tight-end Travis Kelce, who holds the record for most catches in NFL history, and is dominating this season with at least 900 receiving yards.
  • Purdy is backed by an all-star running back, Christian McCaffrey. The duo led their team to success with Purdy being the statistically most efficient quarterback of the year and McCaffrey with an MVP total of 2,023 yards.

Taylor Swift fans, get ready for your second big win of the month, because we predict the Chiefs to be this year’s Super Bowl Champions. It will be a fast-paced game with both teams bringing a strong defense, but there is little chance that the 49ers can outpace the iconic Mahomes and Kelce duo. For more information on why experts are calling it for the Chiefs go here.

How to Celebrate

The best way to celebrate the Super Bowl is going all-out American, by throwing a Super Bowl Party! 

  1. Location, Location, Location!
  2. You will need to find a room with a TV that can connect to televised CBS or streaming services Paramount+ or Hulu Live TV. This could be a dorm room, a lounge, or reserve a classroom in an on-campus building– I’d recommend Smith-Buonanno Hall.

Bring the food

Get classic American food! The tried and true food of the occasion is pizza, wings, buffalo dip and chips, pigs in a blanket, the list goes on and on! You could order from a restaurant on Thayer, get in the kitchen and invite your friends to make the meal with you, or head to Andrews Dining Hall where you’ll be able to order custom pizzas through your meal plan.

Invite your friends

You can’t have a party without any friends! Invite anyone you’d like to celebrate the football frenzy with you. They don’t have to be football fanatics, there is something for everyone. To take some pressure off the planning, I ask my friends to bring sides, drinks, and a hunger for a fun time.

Dress for the Occasion

To really make the most out of the holiday, you have to dress the part. Football jerseys are always a go-to, but if you don’t own a jersey or if sports attire is not your style, wear the colors of the U.S.A! As long as you show your Super Bowl spirit, you can’t go wrong.

The Super Bowl is a once in a year opportunity for friends to come together and indulge in the love of football, jaw-dropping performances, and junk food. Make the most out of the holiday while you’re in college, you only have four chances. 

Cassandra is a sophomore at Brown University studying Political Science and Economics. She belongs to Kappa Delta Sorority and is a member of Ivy Film Festival's Business and DEI teams. In her free time Cassandra enjoys getting a sweet treat with friends, reading thriller novels, and watching the Kardashians.