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Statement Sunglasses

When I stepped outside, I was shocked. The air was warm. The sun was shining. I wasn’t cold. Could this be the springtime I have been waiting for? Hopefully, old man winter has realized that his time has come and gone. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to put on some stunner shades! So, here are some statement sunglasses to celebrate the coming of this wonderful weather.


1. If you want a flashback to the past, channel the 50’s era with cat eye sunglasses. But, to add an extra flair, try some patterned versions of this look. Personally, I love these sunglasses because they are so iconic. When I see a woman wearing this look, I can’t help but visualize the classiest actresses of that time. 


2.  Round sunglasses is one of my favorite styles because of my favorite TV show, A Different World. Dwayne Wayne walks around Hillman’s campus rocking a version of this look. Even though these sunglasses don’t have the flip up aspect, they still look super fresh. 


Isabelle is a native New Yorker from Great Neck, Long Island. She is currently a sophomore at Brown University. Throughly in love with medicine and media, she hopes to become a medical correspondent for a major news outlet. When she isn't DJing for 95.5 WBRU or writing for HerCampus, you can find her on the elliptical watching Scandal. Or, in her room watching Scandal. Depends on the day. She also loves the color green, is obsessed with smoothie making, and loves to rep her Haitian heritage.
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