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Spring Weekend 2014: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Spring weekend has come and gone, and though some are probably still recovering from a nasty hangover, campus is just about back to its old self again. The three-day event was indeed legendary, featuring artists such as Chance the Rapper, Diplo, Lauryn Hill, and Andrew Bird (not to mention Binder!). It was absolutely incredible to see such a unique, diverse collection of students throw on tank tops and come together to enjoy some music and the company of others. Here’s to you, Brown.


But, now that the festivities have come to a close, it’s time to go all Joan Rivers and talk about the bests and worsts that the weekend had to offer. It’s true that overall it was a Spring Weekend to remember, but perhaps there are some details worth forgetting.


THE GOOD: The amazing campus-wide vibe




In all of my nineteen years, I have never seen such a large group of kids so darn happy. Everybody had a smile on their face, greeted each other in passing, and sang along to the music blasting on Wriston. It was as if the entire Brown community was in on some joke, and we could all laugh about it and enjoy the sentiment together. The Main Green was littered with friendly faces, and even the professors seemed to have a little more spring in their step. Spring Weekend magic was in the air.


THE BAD: #Where’sLauryn




If you happened to snag a ticket to Saturday’s concert and stay for all of the performances, you likely remember Ms. Hill’s delayed entrance. A chilly breeze had just begun to settle in, thousands of feet were starting to grow sore, and tension was slowly rising amongst the huddled masses. It wasn’t long before chants of “LAURYN! LAURYN!” began to resonate throughout the Main Green. When the songstress did finally grace us with her presence, she did not disappoint; her vocals were marvelous and she commanded the crowd seemingly effortlessly. But not all of us are quite ready to forgive the forty-five chilly, unpleasant minutes that preceded the finale.


THE UGLY: Diplo dance craze



Whether you consider yourself an expert twerker or simply a novice, odds are you were shaking that groove thing when Diplo came out with his hit song “Express Yourself.” I’ll be honest, Browntown, it was quite the sight.



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