Review: Dave’s Coffee

It’s hard to walk around campus without spotting a bright orange “Dave’s Coffee” sticker plastered on any given laptop or Hydro Flask. Before I came to Brown, I was naïve to the trendy café and its proximity to College Hill. Located just a ten-minute walk from the Main Green in the Fox Point section of Providence, Dave’s is nestled in a small, nondescript storefront that would be easy to miss if it didn’t boast the eye-catching orange nametag. On one of the first days of fall, a few friends and I walked down to check out this apparently-famous spot…

Since we live in Keeney, it was an easy walk down Benefit Street and a short stroll down the steep hill on Williams Street. Though we visited midday, the line still stretched out the door. Luckily, it moved quickly, likely due to the friendliness and professionalism of the cashiers. The inside of the store resembles a trendy New York coffee shop, and many visitors were sitting at the dark wood tables leafing through thick stacks of papers or typing rapidly on laptops, while sipping from oversized mugs. The menu is relatively small, but includes avocado toast, a smoothie bowl, and their well-known house-made English muffins. These offerings also change seasonally since Dave’s Coffee sources fresh produce and other local products from farms around Rhode Island. 

I ordered an iced latte and a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin, which included a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and prosciutto. I paid a little over $10 for both. For an artisanal coffee shop, I considered this a fair price, since similar places near my hometown often charge more for lower quality food and beverages. After a short wait time, we received our orders and sat outside to eat. 

Each of us was impressed with the drinks and meals we ordered, especially the coffees. While our judgement may have been impacted by the fact that we have been eating at the Ratty for a month, Dave’s quickly became our new favorite off-campus spot. The lattes are superbly made, and the hot ones come with foam art–an instagramable bonus. Additionally, the food does not disappoint and the ever-changing menu begs you to return again soon. Overall, the excursion off campus and into “downtown” Providence was definitely worth it… if for nothing else than the new orange stickers on our water bottles.