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The Providence food scene has so much to offer us. Yet, I frequently find myself happily enjoying the same restaurants over and over again. I always want to try the new options I hear others buzzing about, however, when it comes time I always want to indulge at the same old spots I know and love. However, last week my roommate pushed me to try a new favorite of hers, Palos Tapas Bar, and I am here to encourage you all as well. 

Palos Tapas Bar opened in 2020 in the historic Steeple St. space and brings a tapas menu inspired by old-world Spain and the Mediterranean. The space itself is rustic and cozy. The high ceilings, exposed beams, oversized windows, and beautiful decor creates the perfect date spot for romance or friends. The relaxed, yet intimate ambiance complements the delicious food. 

My roommate and I ordered a number of tapas to share, each exceeding my expectations. We first started off with a cheese and cracker board, which put our own attempts at charcuterie boards to shame. The side of caramelized onions was a delicious touch and led to my roommate even asking for a second round to pile onto our cheese. We then got the corn ribs, a unique dish I had yet to ever try. They were both fun and delicious, a great appetizer to share. We followed these starters with beef sliders that were my personal favorite. They had a unique spice worked into the meat and topped off with more cheese, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onion, sauce, and a brioche bun. I typically find that Providence lacks good burgers, and while not a classic, these met my needs. Lastly, we finished our meal with tomato bread, a take on bruschetta, which was equally as fresh-tasting and tasty as the rest of our meal. 

I was left full, satisfied, and eager to return once again. I have also been inspired to actively continue my quest and try the other fabulous restaurants in the providence scene. If you have yet to try, Palo is definitely worth the stroll down the hill! 

Hollie is a junior from NYC studying Political Science and Art History.