Ratty Hacks

The Ratty is a controversial topic. There are Ratty lovers and Ratty haters. It’s some peoples’ go-to, yet others spread rumors of *gasp*  food poisoning. Whichever of these categories you fall into, this article will no doubt optimize your inevitable future Ratty experiences.

Avocado toast

The salad bar more often than not has avocado for your salad, but sometimes it’s a little bit frozen. The perfect hack? Toast your favorite kind of bread at the toaster and grab some avocado from the salad bar to put on top. The warm toast will melt the avocado, and now you’ll have a boujee brunch!

(As an Ivy Room fangirl, the avocado toast there is fire, but the line can be hella long—so going to the Ratty can be worth it if you’re in a rush).

Avocado burger

The Ratty is almost always serving burgers with cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and many other toppings to mask the (debatably) dry patty underneath. One topping you will never see, however, is avocado. But fortunately there is (debatably) thawed avocado at the salad bar! I promise the burger will also melt whatever part of the avocado pieces are still frozen…probably...

Arugula salad

So this one might be a bit of a “no no,” but if you can get away with it, it’s totally worth it. The sandwich station usually has arugula “for sandwiches,” but I’ve been known to take some arugula on my plate and make a swift exit. If you’re a big arugula fan and are constantly bummed that they don’t have it at the salad bar, this is definitely a trick for you.

To-go drinks for chasers

Chasers are so easily forgotten but are a key component of going out, and somehow you never have them on hand when you need them. No need to fear, the Ratty is here. Take a to-go cup (or two—I promise I won’t tell) full of your favorite chaser from the soda fountain and you’re good to go.

Egg sandwich

I found out yesterday that during lunch or breakfast, you can get a fried egg at the omelet station. If you’re into egg sandwiches, take your egg to the sandwich bar. Add some cheese. Add some bread. Add ham or bacon if they have it. Not magic, but kind of magical?

Takeout box

Maybe it’s a little unethical, but you have to take advantage of that all-you-can-eat aspect of the Ratty. When you swipe in, ask for a takeout box. Then when you’re inside get a normal plate and sit down and have a regular meal. When it’s time to go, fill up your takeout box with whatever you want for a late night snack, or even a whole other meal!