Providence Coffee Shops: Covid Edition

As a college student, I rely on coffee to successfully make it through the day. A side effect of my caffeine addiction is a constant desire to try new coffee shops in Providence. Although the ongoing pandemic has made the quintessential coffee shop experience a bit different, there are still lots of impressive spots in Providence to grab coffee at that are also Covid safe. Here is a list of my top five (covid safe) coffee shops in Providence!    

Blue State Coffee

Blue State Coffee is a staple for many Brown students due to its close proximity to Brown’s campus. Blue State’s main shop is located at the top of Thayer Street. However, a smaller version of the store can be found in the Brown bookstore. Unfortunately, the pop up Blue State within the Brown bookstore hasn’t been open due to Covid. In terms of Covid safety, the main store on Thayer enforces social distancing within the store--especially while waiting on line. A small number of people are allowed to sit inside at tables spaced far apart. The employees are also separated from customers by plastic guards. Although better for warmer months, the outdoor seating at Blue State is quite extensive as well. My go to order at Blue State is an iced vanilla almond milk latte!

Dave’s Coffee

Dave’s Coffee--located down the hill on Main street--is a bit removed from campus but definitely worth the hike. Dave’s is native to the state of Rhode Island and popular amongst college kids and young professionals. In order to remain Covid safe, Dave’s hasn’t been letting any customers inside their store. Customers have the option to either order outside when they arrive or order ahead of time on the Dave’s Coffee app. I highly recommend using the Dave’s app to place any order; it’s super easy and will help you avoid waiting outside in the cold for your order. On top of their stellar coffee, Dave’s also offers a delicious selection of breakfast foods. My go to order at Dave’s is a dirty chai (and a breakfast sandwich if I’m hungry)!     

The Shop

Located on Wickenden street, the Shop is a classic hipster coffee shop. This spot has lots of eccentric drinks that are worth taste testing. Similar to Dave’s, the Shop hasn’t been letting customers into their store. Customers place their orders outside at an “ordering” window. Although it can be a bit chilly while waiting, the store recently set up a tent with a space heater for customers to wait under while their drinks are being made. My go to order at the Shop is a honey oat milk latte! 

Coffee Exchange 

Also located on Wickenden street, Coffee Exchange offers simple, yet delicious coffee. This store is focused on supplying its customers with premium coffee. Coffee exchange doesn’t offer as many options or flavors for their coffee as some of the other places on this list. However, the coffee that they do offer is exceptional. Like many of the others on this list, Coffee Exchange hasn’t been letting customers inside the store during the pandemic. Instead, they have a deck--equipped with space heaters--and an “ordering” window. My go to order at Coffee Exchange is a simple skim milk latte! 


Amy’s is another spot that is popular amongst Brown students. Also located on Wickenden street, Amy’s is known by Brown students as one of the best breakfast spots in the Providence area. Although Amy’s offers plenty of delicious items, their coffee is particularly good. Customers are allowed to go into Amy’s to place their orders but have to wait outside once their orders have been placed. The store is pretty small but still offers one or two seats in doors. They also have a heated outdoor tent with lots of tables in the back that customers can use. My go to order at Amy’s is an iced coffee with almond milk!