Plant City Review

By now, everyone and their mother will have raved about Plant City like they’ve been going for years. Now it's no shocker that the renowned plant-based Chef, Matthew Kinney, has done it yet again, creating the most talked about restaurant in PVD at the moment. The Chef has made his namesake by creating the most high-end vegan restaurants, catering to eaters from all walks of life. The facility consists of a burger bar on the first floor, a marketplace, a to-go and breakfast bar, a selection of pastries, and a coffee bar. The second floor features two restaurants, the Italian Restaurant; Double Zero and Bar Verde, the Mexican restaurant.


Level 1


Now the word burger in front of the words vegan and restaurant might seem unappetizing, especially after you've been chowing down on those shack burgers for the past month, but not to worry, these burgers will make you say sayonara. New Burger features a plethora of, you guessed it, plant-based burgers with the addition of fries, comfort food, and a full bar that serves beer, wine, spirits, and crafted cocktails. If it's your first time going and you're not quite sure what to get, I'd definitely recommend the truffle burger.

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Coffee Bar features some Instagram-worthy lattes and coffees. There're four plant-based milks offered, and all of which pair nicely with matcha, espresso, or just your standard iced coffee. Coffee drinkers praise the iced latte with almond milk as a must, while the matcha latte with oat milk remains my personal favorite.

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Imagine the campus market under the blue room. Okay, now imagine if Whole Foods was the supplier for the market under the blue room. I bring you the Marketplace at Plant City.

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The Make-Out bar is the most popular among brown students due to the casual atmosphere and the ability to receive your order to bring back to campus or to eat in the cafe area. In the Make-Out bar, you can find breakfast items, sandwiches, toasts, and smoothies. The star of the show, however, are the build-your-own veggie grain bowls (brussels sprouts and pesto sauce are a must, you'll thank me later). If you're looking to cure that sweet tooth, the pastries are highly recommended.

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Level 2


If you're looking for a more formal, dressy, cloth napkin kind of night, Double Zero is perfect for you! The upstairs restaurant features imaginative Italian fare; a variety of pizzas, pastas, and organic wines. Double Zero is ideal if you're looking for a healthy yet delicious take on Italian cuisine. (Btw, the truffle pizza and cacio e pepe are out of this world).

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Bar Verde will make you reconsider any and every trip you've taken to Bajas before midnight. The Mexican/Latin inspired menu features incredible tapas, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, croquetas, ceviches, and quesadillas. Bar Verde takes it a step further with their list of mezcal and tequila cocktails, along with pairing suggestions to create the perfect experience.

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Plant city is the perfect place to come no matter what occasion, time, day, or attire you find yourself in. Whether you're fully vegan, a meat 3 times a day carnivore, or you're somewhere in the middle; there's something incredible for everyone!

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