Planning the Perfect Spring Break


As warmer weather starts to roll around, there is only one thing on every tired and hard working college students’ mind: the blissful and much deserved promise of spring break. As much as we all expect to spend this time on a tropical resort with our best friends, planning can take a while and the break usually turns up faster than expected. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you successfully achieve your perfect spring break.



Assemble Your Team

Spring Break should be a time for you and your friends (or family) to take a break from the stress of school (or work) and enjoy being together. Picking a group of people who get along well is key since you will likely be spending at least a week together. Although organizing a big group can be great and incredibly fun, don’t be afraid to spend spring break with just a few friends. Smaller group sizes can often make planning and decision making easier when you are all on the same page.                        


Set Your Criteria



Whether you are looking for a sunny beach get-away, or a snowy skiing adventure, it's important to establish what kind of vacation you are looking for early on in order to narrow down your choices of location. Setting your criteria also means choosing whether you want an AirBnB or a hotel, whether you want a rural or urban area, whether you want to travel internationally or more locally, etc. Determining these factors collectively will ensure that your trip is well planned and goes smoothly!        


Search the Scene

One of the most important parts of planning a successful trip is knowing what is available to you. Doing some quick research on the location can help you avoid problems later during your break. This includes knowing whether you will need to rent a car, which restaurants will be available, or what activities are accessible.


Timing Is Everything

More than a few of us have been through the

frantic, last minute, somehow thrown together spring break adventures. While the thrill of this can be fun, when it comes to spring break, booking sooner is always better. Having more time to prepare and plan for your trip will reduce any stress or possible issues. Additionally, booking plane tickets and hotels further in advance will be far less expensive.