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My 12 Tips To Achieving The Ultimate Spring Reset

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

We’ve returned to Brown for the spring, the weather is becoming warmer, and the year’s culmination seems near. The initial days of re-entry can feel perhaps less than luxurious after a week of vacation from the reality of school, exams, and household responsibilities such as laundry and cleaning. As we all transition into the final weeks of school, there are many ways to maintain elements of vacation and self-care to reset for the spring months of school. 

Maximize Your Time Outside or Near Natural Light

Studying outside is perfect for the spring! 

Read Before Bed Instead of Scrolling on Social Media

I’m currently reading ‘Malibu Rising’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid. 

Try a New Exercise Routine

Nelson offers amazing classes. Take your yoga mat at a local park and do a Youtube-led routine outside.

Walk to the grocery store & pick out fresh produce and flowers for your dorm

Trader Joe’s has many reasonably priced fresh fruits, vegetables, and greenery. 

Switch Your Coffee Order to Decaf or Half-Caffeinated

Rely on the positive energy from a buzzing campus & sunshine instead of caffeine to reduce midday jitters or energy crashes. 

Listen to a Podcast & Go for a Walk

Find spring-themed podcasts & enjoy your time outdoors!

Cheer on a Brown Sports Team at an outdoor game

Ask some friends to join you in the stands for some outdoor festivities.

Clean Out Your Makeup & Closet

Donate or discard used products & no longer desired clothes! Find local donation spots and make a positive pact on the community. 

Learn Something New

Spend 30 minutes a week painting or trying a new type of art, participate in an EdX class, watch an educational documentary, read a nonfiction book about current events such as banking, or practice a new language on Duolingo!

Treat Yourself to a Meal Off-Campus

Downtown Providence is filled with local gems you can support by gathering a group of friends & dining out! I just had a delicious Avocado Toast from Small Point Café right next to Symphony Books. Both these spots are ideal for an off-campus adventure, and see the Her Campus at Brown TikTok for a visual :) 

Send a Letter to Someone

Nothing more personal or fun to receive than a handwritten note! 

Take Morning Vitamins

Take care of your physical health by asking your care providers what supplements you should take during the spring season!

Maggie Seidel is the President of the Her Campus at Brown chapter. In this role, she oversees and recruits new members and writers, produces content for Pinterest and Instagram, manages the calendar, editorial process, and brand partnerships, leads weekly meetings and outreach, and contributes weekly articles. Maggie studies International & Public Affairs and Entrepreneurship, and she is a current sophomore. She is also on the executive leadership team of Brown University's Women in Business, a Senior Analyst on the Large Pharma Cap vertical of the Brown Healthcare Investment Group, the Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Intercollegiate Finance Journal, and a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Her Campus is Maggie's place of happy. She also loves to play tennis, celebrate holidays of any and all kinds, curate new Pinterest boards, and enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch and cup of warm coffee.