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Ms. Marlboro ’12

Year: 2012 
Concentration: Community Health
5 Questions from the Proust Questionnaire
What is your idea of happiness? 
Limitless supply of tobacco. 
Your idea of misery?
Being left at the bar. 
And your main fault?
Running out. 
What is your favourite food and drink?
Alcohol. I don’t eat. 
And what are your favourite qualities in a man?
A bristly moustache. 

Haruka Aoki and Luisa Robledo instantly bonded over the love for witty writing and haute couture. Haruka, a self-professed fashionista, has interned at Oak Magazine and various public relations companies where she has reached leadership positions. Luisa, a passionate journalist and editor of the Arts and Culture section of Brown University's newspaper, has interned and Vogue and has co-designed a shoe collection for the Colombian brand Kuyban. Together, they aim to create a website that deals with the real issues that college women face, a space that can serve as a forum of communication. With the help of an internationally-minded team section editors and writers who have different backgrounds, experiences, and mentalities, these two Brown girls will establish a solid presence on-campus.
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