Memoirs for the Long Weekend

Presidents Day Weekend is upon us and Spring Break will be here before we know it. Breaks away from the school day and heavy workload are always welcomed. Wherever the holidays may take you, whether it is relaxing on the beach or cozying up next to a fire, a good book can make a vacation even better. Here 5 memoirs are recommended to complement your break, wherever it may take you.


Acid For the Children

Many are familiar with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ alternative rock music, their hit songs like Californication and Under the Bridge, and their reputation as crazy, outrageous performers. But many may not know the stories of the band members away from the spotlight. Flea, the bassist for the Peppers, published his moving and fun memoir Acid for the Children earlier this year, in which he tells the story of his atypical upbringing, what drew him into music, and the crazy experiences he gathered throughout it all. Acid for the Children is not only entertaining and interesting; it is also Flea’s love letter to those who have helped him throughout his life. 


Just Mercy

If you’re looking for a moving and educational read, Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy is perfect for you. Stevenson, a criminal defense lawyer and the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, published his memoir in 2014 which subsequently became a New York Times Bestseller. With Stevenson’s story having been adapted into a film version, one might think it makes sense to read the book first. The memoir, an emotional journey filled with tragedy, anger, and joy, is one that you won’t forget. 



Heard everyone rave about Michelle Obama’s memoir? Now is your chance to read it! The former first lady’s memoir was met with positive reviews across the board. It remained a New York Times Best Seller for months and provides an intimate glance into her upbringing. Going on a road trip or have a long drive? Becoming also has an audiobook narrated by Obama herself. 


Open Book

Jessica Simpson is known as an icon of the early 2000s for her singing, acting, fashion design, and reality TV show. However, Simpson’s career was marred by divorce, a struggle with substance abuse, and constant tabloid headlines. Open Book is Simpson’s successful attempt to tell her own story of fame. While filled with juicy gossip, Simpson’s book also delves into the difficulties of her upbringing, from sexual abuse to the mental health impacts of reality television. Simultaneously entertaining and real, Simpson’s memoir is sure to be an interesting read.


Just Kids

If you haven’t heard of Patti Smith’s famous album “Horses,” Just Kids will change that. Smith, a famous singer, tells the story of her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe in the thick of the 1970s counterculture. Smith’s memoir, written in beautiful prose, explores her life as a young adult and how she grew through art, music, and her connection with Mapplethorpe. A beautiful story of love, exploration, and tragedy Just Kids is a compelling and meaningful read.