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Lupita Nyong’O: Hollywood’s ‘It’ Girl

As Hollywood’s ‘It’ Girl, it is easy to say that Lupita Nyong’O is the most celebrated actress today. She’s everywhere! From award shows to Instagram to magazines, Lupita is truly killing the game with both her intelligence and her fashion sense. In my opinion, everyone should try to dress a little bit like this incredible woman every day. So, here are a few trends I picked up on while flipping through Lupita’s fabulous wardrobe.



1. Colors! Colors! Colors! Because, why not?


Lupita has literally worn every color. Like, every color. She even has her own “United Colors of Lupita” picture. So, good ahead ladies! Go take a good, long, hard look at your wardrobe. If it’s too dark, go out and experiment with some eye-popping hues. Is it all one color? Try to find another color that pairs well with your favorite green, purple, sunset orange, et cetera! 



2. Did you just receive the worst grade ever on your exam? Smile. Significant other dump you? Smile. It’s snowing again? Smile.


I just Googled images of Lupita and I’m certain that at least ninety percent of these pictures are of her smiling. There are few pictures of her totally working the camera for a magazine covers. But, if she’s on the red carpet, she’s beaming. The world is your red carpet. Smile like everyone is watching. Smile like nobody is watching. Your aura is also an essential part of your outfit. 



3. Try something new with your makeup every day! First step? Lipstick!


She has the united colors scheme down. The lipstick game? She’s also the best. I was never into wearing lipstick until I got to college. Now, I love experimenting with what colors can make my outfit pop! When it comes to outfits, Lupita always has a beautiful lipstick that matches her ensemble and glowing skin tone. Personally, I hate it when websites try to give lipstick advice based on three categories: fair, medium, and deep. Excuse me, what? If you want to find out which lipstick colors work for you collegiettes, it is best to Google celebrities that you believe match your skin tone and see what they have been experimenting with. 


Isabelle is a native New Yorker from Great Neck, Long Island. She is currently a sophomore at Brown University. Throughly in love with medicine and media, she hopes to become a medical correspondent for a major news outlet. When she isn't DJing for 95.5 WBRU or writing for HerCampus, you can find her on the elliptical watching Scandal. Or, in her room watching Scandal. Depends on the day. She also loves the color green, is obsessed with smoothie making, and loves to rep her Haitian heritage.
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