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It’s Sweet Treat O’Clock: Best Places for Dessert in PVD

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

While the skies are still gloomy upon our return from spring break, Providence offers mood-brightening dessert shops if you are in need of a boost. 

Sweet treat o’clock has gained momentum on TikTok, leveraging tailwinds from the movement of self-love and balance. The regularity of sweet-treat-o’clock suggests that we all deserve a treat each day, a reward for just being. Furthermore, I believe that sweet treat o’clock does not need to include food items; rather, it can be a walk with a friend outside, reading your favorite book for a few minutes before bed, or watching a couple minutes of a television show in between assignments. 

In fact, there are proven benefits of satisfying your cravings. According to Well & Good, food and dessert can offer emotional and physical pleasure that reap mental health benefits. When we honor a desire for something sweet or indulgent during our day, no matter how small or moderate it is, we embrace the human experience of daily fulfillment. 

Here is a collection of my favorite dessert shops for a special sweet-treat-o’clock near Brown University’s campus: 

  • Feed the Cheeks: The best chocolate chip cookie you will ever taste! @hercampusbrown had the chance to try some of their new cookie flavors on our social media platforms. See more here, and a special thank you to Feed the Cheeks on Thayer St. 
  • Tizzy K’s Cereal Ice Cream: Only open during the warm months, but perhaps the most creative and delicious ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Follow them on Instagram once their shop opens for the spring season to get news on their daily special flavors. 
  • Madrid European Bakery: If you are in the mood for very beautiful pastries, stroll to Wayland for fresh European baked goods. Try the opulent croissants while you are there. 
  • Newport Creamery: A classic ice cream shop with fan-favorite flavors, such as cookies and cream, vanilla, chocolate, etc. It is closer to Providence College than Brown, but makes for a fun adventure. 
  • La Creperie: A very convenient way to enjoy a taste of Paris on Thayer Street. There is a very wide variety of flavors that are certain to appeal to everyone and anyone. 
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