How to Deal with Post-Spring Weekend Blues & Prepare for Finals

We are all SO excited for Spring Weekend this weekend—but with that excitement comes the anticipation of the post-party grind. That’s right, ladies, get ready for a finals period full of late nights at the Sci-Li and never-ending study sessions within the depths of the Rock. . In preparation for those dreadful post-Spring Weekend blues, here are some tips to begin finals prep coming off of an amazing couple of days.


1. Detoxify

After all those darties and concerts, your body needs to rid itself of substances and start to replenish sleep. If you’re bold, this could mean a juice cleanse starting Monday. For me, I’m planning on filling up on healthy foods and smoothies next week. Not only will your body need good food to cure that Monday hangover, but planning good meals throughout the week will help ensure that you get the nutrients you need for better studying. Before you hit the library for hours, grab a banana from the dining hall or pack some snacks such as granola bars, yogurt, and hummus packs..


2. Plan time to hit the gym!

In addition to eating healthier, you and your body will feel so much better once you start to sweat out the toxins. Exercise energizes your body and kick-starts your brain by releasing endorphins. Studies show that physical exercise can improve your studying, so try waking up in the morning and going on a run outside or taking a trip to Keeney gym or the Nelson! With no classes next week (hopefully), there will be plenty of time for a nice gym study break.


3. Start to get organized

As classes are winding down, instead of sleeping in every day, use the class time to get organized and create study guides or notecards. This will help you stay in the work mindset and also makes effective use of what would usually be class time.


4. Make a study playlist

Making a new playlist is always a relaxing thing to do—and will help get you in the mindset for studying. I recommend acoustic covers of songs or instrumental study music for those long library sessions. Throw in some Mitsky or Daniel Caesar if you’re feeling some post-Spring Weekend nostalgia!



Coffee will be your savior next week and throughout finals. When the Blue Room isn’t hitting the spot, go to Starbucks on Thayer or even travel down the hill to Dave’s or Coffee Exchange on Wickenden and get on that ~scenic~ coffee shop grind.