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Her Campus X A24: Killer Queens @ Brown

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Heard of Lady Bird? Euphoria? Moonlight? Maybe the recent release Uncut Gems? Bet you have.

But you may not know of A24, the independent entertainment company behind the distribution and production of these wildly popular films and TV shows, raved about by critics and audiences alike. These hit projects, alongside many others, have spotlighted A24 since their conception in 2012. Did I mention there’s also an A24 chapter here at Brown!?

A24 prides themselves on taking risks such as investing in  new directors and new talent, and the incredible payoff is apparent and rewarding: think of the horror films Hereditary and Midsommar. 

In fact, A24’s talent for releasing distinctive, chilling horror movies is exactly why we’re here…

A24’s latest offering is director Rose Glass’s first feature; horror film Saint Maud. 

Vice wastes no time in asserting that it is ‘absolutely terrifying’.

Indiewire praises it as ‘striking, affecting and mordantly funny’.

Variety describes Saint Maud as ‘a sober, viciously disciplined film about a particular madness’.

This ‘particular madness’, as it turns out, is the devout religious fervor that characterizes Maud, Saint Maud’s protagonist. Saint Maud follows hospice nurse Maud: a deeply pious, newly converted Christian, as she cares for her patient Amanda:a dying former dancer diagnosed with terminal lymphoma.  Amanda does not share Maud’s religious passions and unfailing faith in God, so in order to remedy this, Maud embarks on a mission to save Amanda’s soul. This mission(as one can imagine) doesn’t exactly go according to plan, as A24 reveals that “sinister forces, and her [Maud’s] own sinful past, threaten to put an end to her holy calling”.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but that synopsis, stellar reviews by Birth.Movies.Death, High Snobiety, Indiewire, The Playlist, Variety, and Vice, and the not only one, but TWO trailers that have been released for Saint Maud, have my morbid curiosity and love for everything creepy at an all-time high – I absolutely cannot wait to see this film. If you’re ready to start counting down the days with me until Saint Maud’s April 3rd release date, make sure to check out the trailers here and here. From personal experience, you may want to make sure you’re not alone in the dark for these ones…

And, if you’re ready to keep the excitement going, A24 at Brown, in partnership with Brown University Film Forum, and, most excitingly, Her Campus at Brown (!), are waiting out the days until the release of Saint Maud by hosting a Women in Horror retrospective.

To celebrate women-starring horror films, the retrospective, aptly coined Killer Queens @ Brown, will be screening the previously mentioned acclaimed horror films of A24; Midsommar and Hereditary! Both start at 7pm and take place in The Underground.Midsommar will be showing on Wednesday, 11th March, and Hereditary will be screened the following week on Wednesday, 18th March.

And, as if this all weren’t enough to entice you to run to the screenings, there will be A24 swag available, with, of course, Saint Maud merch in particular. Did someone say posters!?

Her Campus will also be on scene, giving away signature Her Campus survival kit products – think empowered women taking control of their menstrual health with diva cups, and taking care of their skin with luxurious First Aid Beauty moisturizer.

Trust me, you’ll all want to be there for this one. Bring your selves, snacks, and sisters to Killer Queens @ Brown for what promises to be two evenings of total terror-filled feminist fun. Let’s get ready to welcome Saint Maud into the light!

I’m just DYING to see you all there.