Getting to know Cheno Pinter - The ULTIMATE Multi-Tasker

What are all of the extra curricular activities you are involved in?

The Ursa Minors acapella, ARR!!! the pirate a capella group, writing for the RIB and currently writing and directing Musical Forum's commencement revue (and PR for the Senior Week party?)

How do you find the time to balance this and school work?

Honestly? By mastering the art of sleeping only when I need to, having extremely helpful, willing and competent friends to run around helping me, and by making sure I talk to my mother a lot. My mother knows how to balance everything, and makes me feel like I have everything under control.

How do you prioritize?

Not going to lie, most of the time I get other people to do it for me. I'm extremely indecisive when it comes to prioritizing and I'm not at all good at saying no so usually I have my friends calm me down and make decisions for me. What a role model, I know.

Do you think that your multi-tasking has moulded your group of friends?

Absolutely not. Maybe I just don't understand the question. I wouldn't say I have a "group" of friends but it's true that my closest friends are all from random different parts of my extracurricular life.

If you had a whole day with no duties what would you do with it?

Oh my. One my closest friends once brought me to work at this tiny cafe in Bristol RI and it was amazing so I'd love to take more trips around RI. But if I didn't have access to a car, I would probably just roll around in my enormous bed with as many gay men who would pull my hair as possible. Do you feel weird? Good.

With all this experience what do you want to do in the future?

I would love to go into event planning. I love getting people together and getting people excited about things. So something that brings people together, and makes people make friends. I have to think of a persona though, before I start thinking about going into event planning, because I must be memorable.

Do you ever break under pressure?

Oh all the time. But pressure's no fun if you don't get to break under it and start again, right?

What is your most impressive multi-tasking ability?

Being on the phone while choosing an appropriately shaped cover photo while drinking diet coke (through a straw, look mom, no hands) while in one of my best friend's foot massagers. Does that count?

It is commonly thought that men cannot multi task, do you agree?

Not at all. Men who can't multi-task can't multi-task, but I haven't met a lot of them.