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Getaway: A Review

If you’ve never heard of the up-and- coming travel company, Getaway, then I highly recommend booking with them to see how awesome they are for yourself. But because they are in such high demand and book up so far in advance, allow me to tell you about my Getaway Escape experience in the meantime! 


I had been getting Instagram ads for these little aesthetically pleasing modern-looking minimalist cabins in the woods for a few months before I decided to click on the link below the ad and see what they were all about. I soon saw that Getaway is a company that allows visitors to rent tiny homes in the woods for a few nights, for a chance to enjoy nature and unplug from the world. I immediately loved the idea and began to check the website for openings. To my dismay, they were booked the first few times I checked.  After logging in consistently for a while, I was able to book a Sunday at the end of November for my stay. 

About a week before the stay, Getaway emailed and texted me the exact address of the outpost I would be staying at. The company has eleven or so outposts within two hours of several major cities, and there are actually two in the Catskills where I went–both East and West. They also included a guide of what was in my cabin, along with a list of nearby attractions such as hiking trails and places to stop and get food on the drive. I went with my boyfriend, and this allowed us to plan a day of hiking before checking into the cabin around 4:00pm.

 On the day of, I got a text with the keycode for the cabin so that my check-in was completely contactless, and we stopped at a grocery store for some food to cook for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. The cabin was equipped with a mini fridge, a small stove, the kitchen essentials-–even salt, pepper, and olive oil––utensils and plates, a sink with running water from a tank, and a small table to eat at. 

When we arrived, we were able to walk around and enjoy the property and its surroundings. Each cabin is actually a trailer, sort of like a very fancy and modern RV or airstream. Each cabin also has a picnic table and firepit with chairs next to it, along with a parking spot, so it’s really a perfect little glamping experience, especially in the winter (and during COVID!) when you want to be outside, but it’s just too cold. 

In addition to the picturesque window on one side of the cabin right next to the bed, the little space also contains a small shower and toilet, all of which are as environmentally friendly as can be. There is also a heater/AC. Getaways do not have wifi, and there is very little cell service, specifically because part of the company’s mission is to allow people to unplug from the hustle and bustle of life. The house has a small lock box for cell phones that you can use if you really want to disconnect.

We made dinner––pesto pasta with chicken and spinach––which was definitely a fun challenge given the size of the kitchen, but delicious and more than doable, and then went outside and made a fire. It was clear and chilly out and the air smelled so clean and crisp; we really did feel miles away from civilization, in the best possible way. The house had a small speaker and some playing cards, both of which we took advantage of. They also provided us with a complementary s’mores kit, and so we enjoyed those as our dessert. The property felt super safe because there were other cabins within view (but an appropriate distance away), and there was a 24/7 helpline that we could text or call if we needed anything. 

We went to bed early because it got dark shortly after we arrived and we didn’t really look at our phones or keep track of the time; it was so nice to wake up, well rested, to a view of the woods out the massive window directly next to the bed. Checkout is at 11am, so we made a quick egg and sausage breakfast, showered, and embarked on our drive back. It would have been so nice to stay longer than one night, especially so that we were able to experience the cabin in daylight for a little longer and take advantage of more nearby hikes. The getaway was definitely on the pricier side for a tiny cabin in the woods (between $250 and $345 depending on business of season), but it also felt like you were paying for the experience which made it more justifiable. 

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I really had no complaints. The cabins are the perfect “glamping” trip, especially this time of year, and it provided a perfect little oasis in the woods to enjoy before finals started. Single Getaway Cabins are bookable for anywhere between 1 and 4 people, because some have queen bunk beds in them to allow more people to sleep. You can also book multiple cabins at once if you go with a group, which I would imagine would be a blast. I would 10/10 recommend Getaway to anyone who is willing to put their phone down and get out and enjoy nature. I had an amazing time and look forward to doing it again in the future!

Madeleine is a rising junior at Brown University, studying International and Public Affairs with a concentration in Development.
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