Did you know there are new classes at Brown that combine classroom study with real world travel experience? I didn’t until my dad pointed out a flyer for an art history class that involves a fully funded, one-week trip to Europe in June. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. GELT is a new program Brown is offering that allows students to visit the culture and setting they’ve been studying to meet with natives of that specific country. Due to the high expenses of running such a program, each GELT class is capped at twelve students. Students interested have to go through a competitive application process before they are able to register for the class. This application process ensures that the students who will benefit most from the class are able to register.


Although there are only a few GELT class being offered for the Spring 2015 semester, Brown plans on offering more in the future. Professors have been given initial funding to travel abroad and conduct research in order to plan a future course. Professors are travelling to places such as Peru, Nicaragua, Germany, and Israel to build the syllabus of these GELT classes. These professors are from various departments across the university, so hopefully people with very different interests will be able to find GELT classes suited to them. While it may be too late to apply for these classes for the Spring 2015 semester, make sure to be on the look out for them next registration period!