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Five Ways to be a Gracious House Guest

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

With spring and summer upon us, you may have lots of fun events, parties, or weekend trips coming up. As exciting as all of these events may be, it’s important to think about etiquette and manners to put your best foot forward as a guest. Here a few of my top etiquette tips: 

Bring a hostess gift

No matter if you’re going to a dinner party or staying the weekend at someone’s house, a nice hostess gift is always a great way to show your appreciation. Some good ideas for this are a candle, flowers, a nice box of chocolates, or anything else you think your host would appreciate.

Be extra tidy and helpful

If you’re staying the weekend at someone’s house, you should do your best to be the model houseguest. In my book, this means making your bed every morning and stripping your sheets at the end of the trip, keeping your belongings tidy, and helping to prepare meals and clean up. 

Take your host out for dinner

While you’re visiting, it’s a great idea to offer to take your host out to a nice restaurant and pay for their meal. They’re truly putting so much effort into your stay, so this is another nice way to say thank you! 

Don’t overstay your welcome

Be considerate of your host’s life and what they have going on and don’t extend your trip unless invited. Don’t worry, these tips will ensure you have an invite back! 

Write a thank you note

No matter the situation it is always a great idea to write a heart-felt thank you note to your host. I personally prefer thank you notes over a text because that extra effort shows how much you value and appreciate the experience they provided for you. Bonus points if you use personalized stationery.

I am a member of the Brown Class of 2026, and I am planning to concentrate in history and economics. In my free time, I enjoy reading historical fiction novels, baking chocolate chip cookies, and trying new restaurants and cafes in Providence.