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Five Spring-Worthy Jewelry Styles to Wear Now!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

As floral trees bloom across quads, spring’s greeting invites us all to make seasonal updates to our jewelry accessories. Turtlenecks become two-piece sets. Sneakers become sandals. Necklines lower, offering a frame for more statement jewelry. In the world of monotony, we can all infuse a bit of uniqueness into our days with a simple clasp of a striking necklace or bracelet.

“Animal Kingdom” Jewelry

Don your favorite exotic creatures in gold.

Elephant Satya Jewelry Necklace

zxk1bK1awqeMKqDep 16aWVj1pVqs7s15MfkpmtQbHv4zYGc sJemOiOa9wcBC dGmR 3Zh9mafa0jLUQL1iKnwgvmvlsNrx09bQMPykkK4IgZ 3K0ccKDVoIiJzypukGtmimTv3KiPgCIcMaJyTc

Monica Vinader Goddess Necklace

OIuZ8Iv Txh ZTYN2vg8VzrVJRANR6QzR 7 l z5jjSN qTloJAvFJz5VKMDG0uRgdY23FfWJ5rk1o0rZfHPQ60B2yKt5eDPsdmnMpLPXOA5kAnobq0Ks8Tpl9VtgZDLPY8s1uUoajHRjwYr96FUMQ

Lion Pandora Ring

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Leopard Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel Bracelet

hKsLkM6iRA035eUNjkCQb8nD8kY2eqgzmLnjrXyYYwAkJsBzjllYgM4YG8Guv 4hzMd XaceRnJvLHIl7zK9bo0iKEvNt

Gold Rope Chains:

Easily paired with more than one necklace or can be worn standalone.

Monica Vinader Rope Chain

LDk58R7gX8OHDK4oEkgf9jo6xSiwPq wOhXRLlzzhI u3aY0y6OjoyNu2h uUr7jiVSlcgxjAm5WRulKi6MnS 1HM8R5RDSQuIFIBUoU1Hw0B0 Jvbnj7dzuzWzB8JMJ0ELtTY ufum7waeqK2DiWdY

Gorjana Catalina Link Necklace

AKAzEeMuwvOJRhPjmJQIr e0bF2KGi4HB 6IQFFsf3w9YT8ZXAwD fnaphCCZrLcKaZYxlwojLDe3G8VTuNa9Y4qdwmNSvKeyCHq6mvJpgmYYzMnp3 ndYQGJNQiJjvn2qy1rkkPc2Z1DxMu3 bAU4

Floral Inspired Earrings:

A nod to the colorful buds dotting across campus.

Tory Burch Floral Earrings

Y5rUJBQRLiocNrih0zdIwNDxCvmCVpigJx9s3 I3CvroPIY4c2 VpGyLy8 HII KO3

Birdy Grey Floral Earrings

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Charm Bracelets:

A classic heritage piece of jewelry that has sparkles of bygone generations and is effortlessly personalizable. 

Lisa Lerch Brooke Gold Charm Bracelet

NXM9SOyQSDlMpfEV3SWAJJ2qLvY9DJWc5kcLWzVVVD5 MdpbPZzoINxHaxX gIyTwI878BgrM78buVpjwhzaJULsr3NCfteVh2NmKylwdF x163QkzlTNa10pdzIq21w56it5UkQ

Oak & Luna Initial Lock Charm Bracelet

uS0Mqza3 TkSwpyFL6ffvQ6Ic8gLWH18cl6oru FtXhn2u9 YUk6k8RDHASycJdRzabAWBA Djok4AkX3vJHdj9 DpdZJ7qOxAyT0uQG wUfC2mjxqn 3GfbhUnNO42t5lTn OE8JXFBBwy9 DGV3 s

Nautical-Inspired (Shells, Natural Pearls, Knots, Anchors)

A well-crafted accessory for coastal excursions and dinners overlooking the water this spring and summer.

Brook & York Sydney Rope Ring

Rx nhXq8ANl0XKIdXglr5LBQHWqD2FqkQy6MLW dd9 Pn5gTVn5rZ5cfJZ5 L4CjQbYesDVLh GGt9LhkcQ09p7YkXC ttAGvZB YdVYzDBi7ZTDuC 51zxAZHys3dwYPQjMKA7dqBibeYVuO6YM Q

Brook & York Parker Knot Earrings

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Monica Vinader Natural Pearl Pendant Necklace

Wnnqfe2 6dTtdpxNPYZHtMHaAFNdFh 6beqBzOlYz2moBm4N95hDEzu5UGnCbhtVsTc581A jGXsF 7g6KS8plFX1N8ABuXKYQF8dZHPpc 3 8T dMfPZIX1sTvQjf7RgAUZ9lv Q7r82uRNsooQ7Zc

Neiman Marcus Mother-of-Pearl Shell Earrings

H5kZWArMNUtcz6n2H7Ynpq4vYrywF ncCL4JERjLobXFeuqvuR 3vNtP8Muu4OWjc8VszCieoVYT2IZWB3y lD0qq41ptutLFnoo1foU2Mz0St zfxiR8k81dD16Uf PLST 9eaJw096KFYquvsBOG8

Mejuri Pearl Bracelet

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