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five nail trends we’ll be seeing *everywhere* this fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

We have reached that cozy, snuggly time of the year when we walk around campus, watching the leaves dangle from the trees and lay their marks on the ground as we kick them to the side. We want to cuddle up in front of the TV with blankets and a cup of tea before watching Gilmore Girls for what seems like endless hours. So, as we also tackle midterm season and stare at our notebooks, we at least expect our nails to match the unique aesthetic vibe of the fall season. Not only do we want our nails to remind us that fall is here, but we want them to match our makeup looks, knitted sweaters, and high boots. These fall nail trend suggestions should be your ultimate guide to a stylish and comforting fall season.

Shades of Brown

This was probably expected by all of you, but brown is indeed the preeminent fall color. You can try out lighter shades of brown in a few nails, mid-brown ones in others, and darker ones – make a brown rainbow on your fingers! You can add little brown flowers on a nude background or try a nude base with different shades of a brown french manicure. Be creative!

Soft and toned neutrals

Fall is the perfect time for neutral beiges. It’s time to escape from the bright and vibrant colors that complement the spring and summer seasons. You can either incorporate simple nude bases with no designs or try a mix of neutral cross-fade shades that will undoubtedly match the variety of color palettes that burst out of your fall wardrobe.

Green swirls

Before transitioning into their fiery orange phase, the leaves on the trees were once a vibrant green color. You can bring that dynamic vibe back and amaze everyone around you with touches of green! We all know that tints of emerald green exquisitely complement gold rings. You can play it safe with olive-green swirls or go all out with vibrant emerald swivels. Whichever you choose, they will make your fall look even more stunning.

Floral nails

Want to mimic the orange color palette of New England fall? Be bold and create some DIY flowers on your nails! From blue to orange, every color can print a rainbow palette onto your nails that will spice up the cold fall days and your outfits. Why not reminisce about the warm summer days for a little longer?

Checkered nails

We have all been flooded by the most recent style of imprinting a checkerboard on our nails, so let’s match it with the fall season. What better time to experiment and spread your fall charm with checkered palettes of brown! This is the ultimate trendy look for the coziest season of the year.

This completes the ultimate guide for fall nail trends. Be sure to have this handy for your next visit to your favorite nail salon!

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