Fame after Brown… Some Faces that We All Know


For many of us Brunonians, the question: “What are you planning to do with your life?” is the most dreaded and expected. Who of is really ready to leave Brown and enter into the “real world”, where- let’s face it- the economy sucks and (more importantly?) there’s no Jo’s to cap a night out?

This week, I decided to profile a handful of Celebs who once tread in our very footsteps. Let these faces alleviate your ‘real world’ anxiety. I’d say these are some pretty incredible success stories.

#1: Julie Bowen

Best known for her role as Claire Dunphy on the hit TV series “Modern Famliy”, Bowen graduated from brown in 1991 with a degree in Renaissance Studies. In case you didn’t catch it, she came to give a lecture at Brown his week, demonstrating her commitment to the Alma Mater.


#2: John Krasinski

Okay, so I definitely had a crush on this guy before I even knew he was a fellow Brunonian. Krasinski is famous for his role as Jim Halpert on NBCs “The Office”. Twice profiled by People Magazine as the “Sexiest Man Alive”, Krasinski graduated from Brown in ‘02 with a degree in Theater Arts. Afraid about the future, Brunonians? Fear not: never question the value of a Brown education. In the words of Krasinski upon returning, “I had my brain expanded to a place that I don’t even remember.”


#3: Lois Lowry

The much-beloved author of children’s literature (remember Number the Stars and The Giver?) entered Brown in 1954. She never completed her time here, and at the age of 19 left to marry U.S. Navy officer Donald Lowry. Though Lowry never processed back out of the Van-Wickle gates, she still counts as a Brunonian in my mind. And who can say that she wasn’t successful?