Fall Movie and Book Recommendations

As we mourn the loss of long summer days and warm temperatures, fall brings us new fashion trends, warm sweaters, and, unfortunately, a new wave of laziness that makes good books and good movies seem even more appealing. Whether you are an avid reader or a movie fanatic, here are some of the best film/novel combinations for fall. 

Big Little Lies 

This storyline first originated with the 2014 novel by Australian writer, Liane Moriarty. Later adapted into the successful television series, “Big Little Lies” packs suspense, humor, and a whole lot of girl power. Even if the book seems better than the show, a season 2 (produced in collaboration with Moriarty) recently hit the small screen, since the cliff-hanger of season 1 was just too much to bear.

The Light Between Oceans

The critically acclaimed film and awarded novel share this same title, and both can assure you’ll need a full box of tissues. The book is on the longer side but definitely reads quickly, especially on a fall Sunday during a moment of procrastination. The on-screen adaptation is also lengthy, but features the most beautiful actors (Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander) and even prettier cinematography. 

Something Borrowed 

There is truly nothing better than a classic romantic comedy. “Something Borrowed” (based on the novel of the same name by Emily Giffin) takes place in the New York City summertime, where Rachel, a young lawyer, starts a fling with her best friend Darcy's fiancee. Yikes. The story’s author is famous for her female-centric romantic dramas, and has even published a sequel to this novel, titled “Something Blue.” A bonus: John Krasinski, Brown Class of 2001, is featured as Rachel’s hilarious friend, Ethan. 

The Glass Castle

One of my personal favorite books, Jeannette Walls’s memoir is filled with personal trauma, hard-to-believe accounts, and incredible storytelling. It’s one of those novels that never, ever gets boring, and makes for a great conversation starter around the dinner table at Thanksgiving. It would be hard for any movie to live up to this New York Times Best Seller, so it’s clear why the film adaptation starring Brie Larson seems to fall short. 

Sharp Objects 

Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects can add just the right amount of spookiness to your October. Described as a “psychological thriller,” both the novel and the miniseries bring eery, edge-of-your-seat drama and endless page-turning or “Play Next Episode” clicking. The author’s second book, Gone Girl, is also a great read and was recently turned into a freakishly-good movie starring Ben Affleck. 

Happy watching and reading!