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Now that it's officially Fall, it's officially time to whip out those turtlenecks, cardigans and anything with plaid–when else is it acceptable to rock funky patterns? 'Tis the season of layering dark red, orange and green colors and of making the most of accessories like scarves and standout socks. And, just because it's Fall with the leaves rapidly falling and changing colors, it doesn't mean summer trends, like timeless tie-dye T-shirts or sweatpants, can't make guest appearances. Below are some tips for where to purchase the best of this year's Fall trends. 

1. The button down sweater!

2. Bring the tie-dye trend to fall! 

3. Statement sweaters and cardigans

4. Belted sweatshirts and sweaters

5. Crazy pants

I was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California, which had a huge impact on the person I am and the things I care about. I graduated from Brentwood School, and am thrilled to be at Brown! From a young age, writing, fashion, and lifestyle blogging have been some of my strongest passions. Between working for my school newspaper for four years of high school and interning at the lifestyle blog "GOOP," I have really discovered that this is something I am excited about pursuing. Naturally, "her campus" is the perfect platform to extend my interests, and I am excited to explore Brown and share my findings!
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