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Dear Brown University Class of 2028

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

Dear Brown University Class of 2028,

Congratulations on becoming part of Brown University’s incredible incoming class! Be proud of yourself and confident in your abilities, as you have been recognized in a grueling admissions process as some of the best of the best. We are so excited to welcome you to College Hill, and cannot wait to see all that you do and contribute to Brown’s amazing legacy! 

I remember opening my Brown admission decision like it was yesterday, and it is still one of the happiest days of my life. I opened it in the middle of an ice skating rink, as my friends and I had booked non-refundable tickets to celebrate the end of final exams before Brown sent out the release date. My hands were shaking so badly that it took me several minutes to log in to the portal. And when I finally did, I got the best news of my life. 

Brown had been my dream school since I was eleven years old; friends would buy me university sweatshirts as gifts, and everyone knew I was applying. Getting in was a dream come true. But in the weeks that followed, I quickly became a ball of anxiety. I didn’t know a single person who was attending. Had I built it up too much in my head? Was it really the place for me? Should I have stayed closer to my home in California? Would I fit in among my classmates? Find friends? Did I even deserve to be there? I was beginning to doubt everything. 

Now, having almost completed my sophomore year, I can safely say that yes — committing to Brown was the best decision of my life. Its academics are incredible, and my classmates are some of the smartest, kindest, and most interesting people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. Brown has been the epitome of excellence, support, and fun! 

If you still are feeling unsure and uncomfortable about the unknown, here is some advice and expectations to get you through your first week — and year at Brown. 

  1. Everyone is in Your Position

You are not the only one feeling nervous! Everyone else is also feeling scared – this is a life-altering change! Remember that everyone else is feeling uncertain about the future and eager to meet people and make friends, so don’t be afraid to approach people! Ask for Snapchats, Instagrams, and phone numbers! Be proactive and text people you vibed with during your orientation events! People are nice and will likely be receptive. And if they aren’t, they aren’t the people you want to surround yourself with anyway. Don’t let the fear of rejection get in the way of forming friendships! The only way you’ll find your crowd is by putting yourself out there. 

  1. Be Open to Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone 

College, and Brown especially, is all about diving into new experiences and things in everything from the classes you take and the clubs you join to the people you meet. Take advantage of these opportunities and try something new! Join an organization that does something you want to learn. Go up to someone you think is doing something cool and talk to them! You’ll gain new friends and passions this way.

  1. Your Timeline Will Be Different from Others Around You

Some people find the adjustment to college life exceedingly easy — they make friends right away, feel at home in the dorms, and are quick to get comfortable. I was lucky enough to meet some of my best friends on the first and second day of orientation. For others, it may take a little more time. 

For some of my classmates, it took them weeks and even months to finally feel comfortable and at home at Brown. One of my close girlfriends confided in me that she was calling home crying and considering transferring for three weeks — now, she couldn’t imagine herself anywhere else. Be patient and have faith that things are going to work out. 

  1. Expect a Little Adversity!

Some people build up expectations of what college is like that are far too idealized. I can tell you right now, there are going to be some challenges! College is a huge adjustment, so there are bound to be some bumps in the road. 

You might be homesick and miss your family, friends, and pets. You will be exhausted and your social battery will probably be drained from constantly meeting and interacting with new people and having minimal downtime. You will likely get pretty sick (they don’t call it freshman/frat flu for nothing). And other challenges may arise! Be okay with the fact that things won’t all be smooth sailing, and trust that the good will almost certainly outweigh the bad. 

Ultimately, you should all get so excited about the coming year — Brown is truly the most amazing place and we can’t wait to welcome you and make this place feel like home. 



Elle Horst

Brown '26

Elle Horst is a freshman at Brown University from Northern California. She plans on concentrating in International Public Affairs with a Policy and Governance focus. As an avid journalist in high school, Elle is thrilled to join Her Campus as a staff writer. In her free time, she enjoys drinking good coffee, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and binging TV shows.