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This week, due to a lack of storage space in a pantry that’s shared amongst five college students, I discovered that there’s an easy and great way to donate an excess of food just 10 minutes from home. I remembered that there’s a thing called a “community fridge”. Community fridges are essentially refrigerators (and pantries) located in public spaces open to all to take and leave from. It’s essentially a take a penny (if you need it) and leave a penny (if you have it) situation but for food. Community fridges are meant to serve as a community-based response to an urgent food insecurity crisis. I remembered hearing about one in Downtown Providence via Instagram, so I decided to reach out to the people who run the account, “pvdcommunityfridge”. I asked them what the process is for dropping excess food, and they quickly responded, letting me know that I was free to drop off food anytime. They only asked that I send a photo afterward so they can post a picture with the updated inventory. 

I packed a box full of some excess dry goods, fruits, and vegetables, grabbed a friend, and we were off. We went over to the Providence Community Fridge at 640 Broad St, which was only a quick 10-minute drive from campus. 

As we arrived, we were greeted by the vibrantly painted refrigerator and pantry. We double parked and unloaded the food.


I was delighted that we ended up coming when we did because it was basically empty beforehand. 


This community fridge in particular was started by Sara Federici. Sara started the Providence community fridge as she hopes that it will help single-parent families and low-income families who struggle with access to healthy and nutritious food. Sara believes that you’re still entitled to healthy food regardless of your socioeconomic status or employment situation.

In the future, if you ever have an excess of food, or if you’re just looking to do some good, grab some groceries and head over to the Providence Community Fridge at 640 Broad Street and know that you’re doing a little something to help others in our community. 

Pvdcommunityfridge Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pvdcommunityfridge/


Natasha is a sophomore at Brown University studying the History of Art and Architecture.
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