April Playlist Spotlights

We all know that early April in the Northeast pretty much blows. It’s cold, wet, and so frustratingly close to spring that it has earned a badge in my book as the “Thursday” of months. So, here are some songs that make an appearance on our April Playlist, a compilation designed to be catchy enough to get you out of bed in the morning, but not so happy that you waste all of the energy you’ll need to get through the rest of your dreary day.

Miss You So Much - Miley Cyrus

The first time I heard this song, I didn’t even realize it was Miley. That’s how much her new album contrasts with previous hits off of Bangerz. This song is soft and sweet, full of relaxed guitar and mellow vocals, and I’m totally here for her new sound.


If you haven’t heard of BROCKHAMPTON yet, you’ve been living your life deprived of some groundbreaking music. BROCKHAMPTON is a revolutionary hip-hop boyband comprised of fourteen extremely diverse men with varying races, ages, and sexualities. They’ve released three (yes, THREE) full albums in 2017, and with its relaxed raps and addictive hook, FAKE is a perfect example of their classic sound. Definitely jump on the bandwagon for this one.

Waves - Miguel (Tame Impala Remix)

Any song with the same sexy lyrics that “Waves” flaunts would be an immediate hit, but combine it with Miguel’s sensual crooning and Tame Impala’s electric psych-disco beats and you end up with nothing less than  a masterpiece. This song is the perfect soundtrack to windows-down driving, dancing by yourself, or, you know, riding that wave.

Same Ol’ Mistakes - Rihanna

“Same Ol’ Mistakes” is actually a rebranding of a song originally on Tame Impala’s album Currents, but Bad Girl RiRi takes this track to a whole new level. It’s smooth, harmonic, and complete with Rihanna’s softest vocals—it absolutely fits right into the early spring vibes of March.

Delicate - Taylor Swift

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t we done with Taylor Swift? Doesn’t her new album, like, suck? My opinion, though—is that it actually doesn’t. Try listening to this song with an open mind and see for yourself; it’s poppy and light, but has enough depth for you to be intrigued enough to Google the meaning behind her lyrics.

Katie Queen of Tennessee - The Apache Relay

A track like this one is a perfect example of why folk rock is still alive and well in the modern music scene. The Apache Relay’s percussion is upbeat, their strings a subtle background, and the vocals persistent, yet sweet and fluid. Even if you’re not from Tennessee, you’ll be imagining yourself as Katie by the time the song ends. Just listen you it. You’ll know what I mean.

Wait a Minute! - Willow

Does the name Willow sound familiar? That’s because it is the Willow Smith—yes, actor Will Smith’s daughter has grown up and developed one hell of a persona. Definitely different from what she displayed in the 2010 hit “Whip My Hair.” “Wait a Minute!” is an exquisite melange of synthy hip-pop and galactic themes, and you’ll fall in love with Willow’s powerful yet throaty voice instantly.

Nights - Frank Ocean

It’s no secret that Frank Ocean is a genius when it comes to lyricism, and “Nights” is no exception. In a classic Franky format, the song starts off soulfully upbeat and eventually transitions into something more relaxed—but don’t worry, both parts of the song are equally brilliant.

Sober II - Lorde

This hit from Lorde’s new album Melodrama will definitely make it onto my list of favorite songs for the year. Lorde quietly follows along with the melody and then quickly gains confidence as the stuttering beat and string orchestra build dramatically in the background. Trust me—even though the song is only three minutes long, it will be stuck in your head for days.

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