Animal Adoptions Surge in Wake of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting all of our lives in many different ways, and unfortunately, most of these effects have been negative. The situation is truly of a devastating nature and has been especially difficult for those who have had the virus themselves or have lost a loved one because of it. However, some people have responded to these trying times in positive ways. As a result of stay-at-home orders in place in most states, animal shelters have seen a large increase in adoptions. Shelters across the country have reported that the number of adoptions and fostering placements have significantly risen.

This upswing in adoptions has been largely a result of the fact that everyone is spending much more time at home than usual. In quarantine, people are looking for companionship and a way to keep things fun while stuck in the house. The frequency with which people are rescuing animals is a really great thing, especially since shelters are often full of animals, but it is important to make sure that owners have the right intentions. Though quarantine may feel like it will last forever, there will come a time when we have to return to our busy lives. As a result, potential owners should make sure that they will be able to provide a caring home for their pet once normal life resumes, as adopting an animal is a long commitment. 

In my community, one of my neighbors recently rescued an eleven-year-old dog. While I was initially surprised, after giving it more thought I now understand their rationale. This family knew that they would not be able to care for a dog long-term as the parents are older and their children are all in college, but nevertheless wanted to give an older dog a loving home for the last few years of its life. My neighbors told us that many other animals from the shelter have been rescued by families with the same intention. It is really sweet that older animals, who would have likely spent the remainder of their lives in a shelter, now get to go home with a family.

The stay-at-home orders are difficult to deal with, but we can find comfort in knowing that many animals are no longer sitting in shelters in need of a home. I hope that those adopting know that they are taking on a responsibility that goes beyond the time of COVID-19. If you or your family are not able adopt or foster an animal but want to help out nonetheless, you can drop donations off at your local animal shelter! They are all in need of resources during this challenging time.