9 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel More Like Home

Each summer, girls spend mindless hours browsing the internet for dorm room decorations, rarely actually choosing to purchase anything. In most cases, we show up to school with the same decorations and bedding as the previous few years, more out of laziness than anything else. Below are a few ways to spice up your dorm decoration game to make your space feel more like a room at home than one in a college dorm.

A head board

Investing in a headboard will go a long way; not only will it make your bed look ten times more put together, it will prevent your pillows from becoming wedged in that aggravating crack between your mattress and the wall. Dormify even sells headboards that have outlets in the side of them to solve the ever present issue of your phone cord not reaching your bed.

Stick on wallpaper

A relatively new fad, unlike regular wallpaper, stick-on wallpaper is designed to work in a dorm room and peel off easily at the end of the school year. It comes in hundreds of different colors and patterns and is a great option for those who do not necessarily want to smother their wall in pictures but still prefer to have some form of decoration.

A bedside table

In my opinion, one of the most transformative pieces of furniture one can add to a dorm room is some sort of bedside table. Whether this a store-bought cubby set, or a few bins stacked up to bedside height, having a place to put a light, your phone while it charges at night, and a picture frame from home, can add a lot to a room.

A lamp

And of course, if you’re going to get a bedside table, there is nothing better to invest in than a decorative lamp. Stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie have stylish  table lamps that will help to make your room feel much more homey than solely relying on the LED style overhead dorm light.


If you have window space in your room, adding a few succulents to the window sill will also add to your space’s comforting ambiance. Succulents do not require any care and look great in any room.

A lumbar pillow

One thing I’ve added to my bed this year that I love having is a lumbar pillow. A lumbar pillow is a long, skinny pillow that spans basically the length of your bed and can rest against the wall, converting your bed into more of a couch during the day. This is a great solution to the limiting seating arrangement dilemma that many college students run into when entertaining friends in their rooms.

A rug

Whether it is a wall to wall carpet or a small square at the side of your bed, a rug to cover the otherwise tile floor of your dorm room will go a long way. Rugs are easy to find in any shape, material, and color, so you can easily match it to your bedding to complete the look.

Framed photos

In an effort to avoid the very dormy vibe of a wall of photo prints, several of my friends brought a collection of framed pictures or art to school this year. These frames can either hang next to your bed or be placed on counter surfaces, and they are a much more sophisticated way to add photos to your room. My favorite frame look is to choose your 3 favorite pictures and print them in 18x24 white frames to hang in a row above or beside your bed.

Fragrance diffuser sticks & candles

As a finishing touch, purchasing a small fragrance diffuser with the wooden fragrance sticks in lieu of a Glade plug-in will go a long way. Adding a few candles to your space will accomplish the same goal.