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5 Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

Halloween is that time of the year when you can let your break free and embrace your inner spookiness. This is also the perfect time to celebrate this unique holiday by perfectly coordinating your costume with your significant other! Whether you are interested in classic and timeless duos or are in the mood for something more modern with a twist, here are five, spine-chilling Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Horror Film Monsters

A classic choice for couples who love the timeless charm of horror films. You can dress up as iconic characters like Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein, or twist it up and go for complementary classic monsters, such as a Werewolf and a Mummy. These costumes are classy, spooky and enable you to spiral into creativity with your makeup and outfit design.

Superhero Duo

Unleash your inner superheroes that you looked up to as a child by going as a dynamic duo like Batman and Catwoman, Superman and Lois Lane, or Spider-Man and Mary Jane. You and your partner can find characters that complement your personalities so that you’ll be the life of the Halloween party.

Literature Legends

This one is for bookworm couples that huddle under the covers and dive into books before they go to bed. Dress up as famous characters from your favorite literature books: Romeo and Juliet, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, or Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Literature duos provide a sophisticated and intellectual touch to your Halloween festivities that will leave your friends with their jaws dropped.

Time-Traveling Twosome

Step into the time travel machine by going as characters from different eras. A roaring ’20s flapper and a disco-loving ’70s partygoer, or a medieval knight and a futuristic astronaut. This idea will leave some people baffled yet urged to know more about your creative and entertaining costumes.

Disney Dream Team

For those who have an eternal love for Disney, dressing up as your favorite animated couples can be a magical experience, taking you back to your childhood memories. Options include Aladdin and Jasmine, Ariel and Prince Eric, and of course Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Bringing a touch of nostalgia and enchantment will undoubtedly make your Halloween a special one.

Halloween is that one time of the year where you can embrace the fun and spooky side of life in an artistic manner. Costumes for couples offer a unique opportunity to showcase your lively connection with your partner and entertain those around you with your unique and artsy ideas. Whether you prefer classic or humorous themes, it is guaranteed that you will have fun and create lasting memories with your loved one. So, pick your favorite Halloween costume idea for couples and start getting to work to make this Halloween an unforgettable one!

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