5 of The Coolest & Most Underrated Study Spots around Brown

Rock, SciLi, Hay… they work for some people. Me? I need a place that makes studying less dull. If by now you’re bored of your usual study places, I can help! Below are five of the coolest and most lowkey study spaces around Brown that will give you the productivity boost you need as reading period looms.

Brown Conservatory:

85 Waterman St, 4th Floor / 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Literally smack in the middle of campus, Brown’s own Green Room is located on 85 Waterman St, a one minute walk from the Main Green. The beautiful perks: rooftop feels, green plants surrounding you, fountains, an influx of natural light through the clear ceiling. It is a quiet and small space that, I assure you, beats a tiny desk in the Rock stacks by far.

RISD Carr Haus

210 Benefit St, Providence / Weekdays: 8:30 - Midnight

Although it’s in RISD territory, it only requires a quick 5 minute downhill walk from the Main Green. It’s filled with a cute diner-style table area, and if tables are not your preferred study spot, you also have a nook with sofa-like seating with huge windows that overlook the corner of Waterman and Benefit St. If this still doesn’t convince you, come for their bagels, sandwiches (create your own!), coffee, tea, and delicious pastries. As a plus, you have a RISD Art Gallery right next to it called the Art Haus, where you can take a study break to browse around and take in some art.

Shiru Café

165 Angell St / Weekdays: 8:30 am - 10 pm

Not only is it cuter than Starbucks, but it has one thing that will blow your mind: IT IS FREE. Yes, you read that right, and the only thing you need is a Brown ID. Lattes, mochas, americano, hot chocolate, tea—whatever you want, basically as much as you want, and 100% free. It is located right off Thayer onto Angell St, and it has a variety of seating spots and high tables overlooking Angell. The café is run by sponsoring companies that aim to create a space that can help students learn about career planning and career opportunities. Honestly, don’t miss this spot.

Providence Athenaeum

251 Benefit St, Providence / 9 am - 7 pm

Grand, light-filled, jaw-droppingly beautiful. As they say, it is a place that “enriches literary, cultural, and intellectual pursuits,” and I guarantee it will do just that. Surrounded by grandiose bookshelves, statues, and classical lights, you’ll feel like a Greek intellectual and finish that nagging paper in half the time.

The Underground

Underneath Blueroom / 9:00 - 5:00 pm

Right on the Main Green, I’d say The Underground Coffee Co. is one of Brown’s hidden gems. Disclaimer: it is quite small, so finding a table is often hard, yet not impossible (definitely easier than a Blue Room booth). The Underground offers coffee, knead doughnuts, and a music playlist that is perfect for studying. You will be grinding through that work while Shazaming nearly every song.