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4 Ways to Have the Best Rainy Day in Providence

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

As a college student, I love going on walks and sitting outside with friends during my free time. Not only do rainy days dampen my mood, I feel like I’m stuck inside my room with nowhere to go without getting wet. However, rainy days can be a great way to reset and relax, as well as explore new indoor spots to hang out or work! Here are four ideas to have the perfect rainy day in Providence.

Find a new study spot

Rain can provide the perfect ambiance for an afternoon-long stay at a coffee shop, library, or Brown academic building. I especially love going to Plant City or Dave’s Coffee, and studying in a Page-Robinson room or the Blue Room during weekends!

Visit a museum

Visiting a museum is a great indoor activity for any day and season to relax and enjoy some art. Providence has some great options such as the RISD Museum and The John Brown House Museum, both of which are super close to campus!

Bake or cook a meal

Baking dessert or cooking dinner is a great way to spend the afternoon, especially with friends! It’s also a great way to get into the holiday spirit by trying out seasonal recipes as well as unwind and focus on a non-academic activity.

Relax & rewind

I know it can be hard with assignments piling up and exams coming, but it’s just as important to take a break and practice self-care. Rain can provide a great ambiance, especially at night, to play music and watch a movie in your room with a face mask and some snacks!

Blossom is a sophomore at Brown University from Hong Kong studying Behavioral Decision Sciences and Economics. Beyond Her Campus, she is a part of Kappa Delta Sorority and Hong Kong Students Association. She enjoys going to coffee shops, traveling to new countries, going on walks, and hanging out with friends and her dog.