15 Fun, Quick, and Easy Halloween Costumes

Despite there being endless possibilities, halloween costumes are sometimes difficult to come up with when actually faced with the prospect of more than one dress-up event. Below is a mixed list of classic and new costumes that you can throw together alone or with a friend at an affordable price. For most, you won’t even need to buy anything to complete the look! You’d be surprised what crazy combinations you can make from your own closet.

  1. A Farmer: Throw on a tied flannel, some denim shorts, and maybe even a pair of boots if you’re feeling extra spirited. Pair this look with double braids and you’ll have a costume! (optional: find a cowboy hat to complete the look)

  2. A Pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern: Track down a pair of orange pants or leggings or grab an orange skirt and pair it with an orange top. This costume is quick and simple and you can add some black cute, minimal face paint to make yourself a “carved” pumpkin!

  3. A Juul: This one’s pretty self explanatory; dress in all black and cut out a piece of white or green paper in a circle and paste it on your chest. You can even attempt to dress up as the new silver/gold metallic juuls, too.

  4. A Hippie: Grab anything suede, tie-dye, and flared/fringe from your closet and combine them to get a hippie look. Pile on the peace signs, round sunglasses, and headbands to deck yourself out.

  5. 80’s workout girl: Find a neon pair of leggings and pair them with any body suit to achieve this look! Add a scrunchie to your ponytail and some leg warmers if you’re feeling ambitious. Layer it with a bigger jean jacket and you’re set.

  6. Any professional athlete: Do these other options still sound like too much work? Wear the jersey of any professional (or even fellow student) athlete and go dressed as them. Add some eye-black, high socks or sneakers for good measure.

  7. Any animal: Find any animal print in your closet and go dressed as that. Examples include snakeskin, cheetah print, plain black or white, fur, or anything else you can think of. Add some animal ears or a tail and you’re golden!

  8. Salt and pepper: This costume is always cute for two people to go dressed as, whether it’s for friends or a couple. You can make it as revealing as you want and just decorate a paper plate to stick on a headband or hold on your head with circles drawn on it for the shaker holes. One dresses in all black, and the other in all white.

  9. Devil/Angel: Another partner classic is the Angel/Devil combo. Buying a halo headband or horns from Amazon paired with your own white and red dresses will look awesome. Plus, for those who enjoy doing fun makeup, this costume will let you really experiment.

  10. Alien: Dressing as an alien is simple because all you need is something metallic or something green, depending on the look you’re going for. You can buy the alien headband on Amazon too along with endless metallic articles of clothing.

  11. Cheerleader: All you need is a sports bra, a cute flare skirt (or purchase one online), some mid-calfs, and a bow to look the part! This costume usually comes out looking pretty similar to the “game day” look that so many other college girls sport each saturday.

  12. Superhero: You can find a very inexpensive superhero bodysuit to wear with black athletic shorts or a skirt, or go all out and buy the full costume. The nice thing about opting for this choice is that there are many superheros, so you can do it alone or in a group of friends!

  13. Lifeguard: You can buy lifeguard shorts and a whistle and visor on most halloween websites and even on Amazon. Pair these with a white shirt or a bikini top and boom and you’re all set!

  14. The “elements”: A more original costume is to dress up as Silver and Gold with a friend, wearing articles of clothing that match your element and then putting an “Au” or “Ag” sign on your chest to represent the scientific element’s abbreviation.

  15. 50 shades of gray: Another funny and less common costume is to dress up in all different shades of gray, or stop by your local paint store and grab some paint swatches in gray, and staple them to your shirt. This costume is both cute and funny.