Whats In Your Phone? *Graduation Edition*

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This graduation game is off the chain! It is with your cell phone this time, and the game is called, "What's in your phone? Graduation Edition." Now let's have some fun.....

5 Points

  • If you don't have an iPhone
  • You have a Black Phone Case
  • You have at least 1 education related application
  • This graduation party is saved in your calender
  • Your battery is more than 50% full

4 Points

  • One of your contacts name starts with W, Y, X, or Z
  • One of your contacts is labeled, Coach or Teacher
  • Your alarm clock is set
  • You have a text saved with the word, "Congrats" or "Great Job"

3 Points

  • You made a call before 7:00 A.M.
  • You have a selfie in your phone album
  • You have a reminder saved
  • You have headphones with you
  • You have a picture of the graduate saved in your album

2 Points

  • Your music collection, includes a song with "school" in the title
  • Your ring tone is a song
  • You have more than 5 voicemails saved
  • You have a text saved from over a year ago
  • You have YouTube as an application

1 Point

  • For every contact you have starts with the letter B
  • You have Facebook as an application
  • Your have Instagram as an application
  • You have Twitter an an application
  • Your screen saver is a picture
  • You have a video saved