What Difference Does A Union Make? Union vs. Non-Union

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Lots of people are completely unaware of the main difference between a union worker, and a non-union worker. What you will be reading will give you a clearer understanding on the two.


  1. Wages, benefits and working conditions are protected by a legal contract.
  2. A contract spells out how much each worker earns.
  3. Unions negotiate raises for every one. Members vote on it, and if they feel it is unfair, then they can vote it down.
  4. If you are unfairly disciplined, unions provide due process to protect against unscrupulous supervisors. 
  5. If you don't like something at work, you can work together with your union to change it.



  1. Management can change wages, benefits and working conditions unilaterally.
  2. No one knows how much anyone else earns. Disparate treatment/favoritism exists.
  3. If you want a raise, you must plead your case to a supervisor or manager.
  4. If you are unfairly disciplined, you are on your own (at-will employee). You're a subject solely to policy.
  5. If you don't like something at work, you are at the mercy of management.