Valentine Ideas for Kids

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Some have children, and some do not. But, with those who do, those little ones love to play and send out Valentines! 

Here are some fun Valentine ideas for the little bundles of joy:

  1. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Frozen Valentine Kit / From the company, I am the Maven
  2. Sports Valentines / From the company, Glue Sticks and Gumdrops
  3. You Color My World Valentine / From the company, Cherished Bliss
  4. Valentine Pom Pom Monsters / From the company, Create Craft Love
  5. You Make My Heart Soar Airplane Valentines / From the company, Simply Designing
  6. You're Awesomesauce Valentines / From the company, View From the Fridge
  7. Valentine's Day Hershey's Kisses Mice / From the company, Practically Functional
  8. Printable Valentine Bookmarks / From the company, Mollymoo
  9. Pretty Kool Valentines for Kool - Aid Mixes / From the company, Our Thrifty Ideas
  10. Play - Doh Valentines / From the company, The Nerd's Wife
  11. Glow Stick Valentines / From the company, Delia Creates
  12. Easy Kids' Valentine's Day Necklaces / From the company, Sunshine and Hurricanes
  13. Crayon Box Valentines / From the company, Crazy Little Projects
  14. Valentine's Day Mini Notebooks / From the company, Everything Etsy
  15. Printable Minecraft Valentines / From the company, Cute as a Fox

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Enjoy your Valentine's Day either around this time of the month, or next year!